Rescue Journal

you can talk about rescue, or you can do rescue...talking is great fun...doing, royally sucks.

Carol  ·  Jul. 30, 2009

this heat is deadly. the staff are cooling tunie down every couple of hours..i don't relax about her til early evening when i can finally leave the barn wide open to the cooling air.

cole was rushed to the vet today, his incontinence issues have attracted the flies again and he had maggots around the base of his tail. the vet said it is recent, just in the past day or so but jeezus they were burrowing already! his butt is shaved and he is booted out of the mp room...too many flies in there. he is in the main part of the house where it is air conditioned as the flies don't like it too cool for them. bastards...i hate them.

emily needs her hernia surgery sooner than later before that hernia strangulates. the vets are concerned about an incision in this heat and fly season but don't want us to wait. week emily will move into the rabbit room which is also cool and airconditioned and totally fly is a good thing we built those rabbit pens big enough to hold a baby calf for a week.

spritely's leg is bad...she wouldn't even come out of her stall this morning. the vets came and shot her up with pain meds, left us some more antibiotics and we will see if she gets better again. ohhh spritely, the end is just getting too close for you.

watson had his pre-op vet vet check...he will stay over night and have his surgery tomorrow..his ears are totally wrecked from a long standing infection, his eyes are wrecked from untreated glaucoma, his hips i don't know about cuz his xrays are tomorrow but i bet they are totally wrecked too...AND....watson is apparently only 3 or 4 years old.

way to go....breed a great looking purebred dog, sell him, and destroy him in less than 5 fucking years. it pisses me off.

i have started booking the new vet appointments/surgeries so we can again be freaking out over the vet bills...max goes in on saturday, daphne and jesse go next week, banjo and lucas the week after..ode to the joyful financial strain of fixing up other people's ignorant neglect.

i got a call from a communications officer with the spca today...she writes an article for the province every weekend. in a couple of weeks they are doing one on seniors so she phoned to interview me and to get saints perspective. i thought that was nice that the spca is including other rescues points of view in a weekly column they write for the province paper. kudos to them for including us. she will send me a draft when it is done.

when i got home from work (after taking watson to the vet and picking up cole from the other vet)...angelina told me a lady drove here from abbotsford with an eleven yr old cat that was hoping to get in. they took the cat home again and then angelina called them back and said i said no.

i feel really sorry for that poor cat..but jeezus flippin christ, we just cannot take them all.

hey nicole...where's the new photo album? i need something to get me out of my bad mood.



We need to start Educating the upcoming generation. To do their research BEFORE they adopt an animal. Make sure the animal suits their life style... then research the breed find out what health issues can occur or are common with that animal and the costs involved... Then find a Responsible breeder and buy a dog that has been well bred to hopefully avoid the hip displasia and other genetic issues that come with different breeds. To Stop buying puppies from Pets Stores... realizing with every dog purchased 3 more puppies are put down... a sad but true fact. I have a friend who works for a vet who takes care of local pets stores and they euthanize a lot of puppies with major health issues. We need to teach the value of a life... that the life of an animal is not an expendable item to be tossed away when life changes jst to suit them.


"fixing up other people's ignorant neglect" says it all! What is wrong with people, why can't they just see it through to the end, commit to what they took on, treat them like family (these devoted animals deserve nothing less). People really suck at times!
We need more laws in place, people can't keep doing this... breeding, giving up, shelters overloaded, animals depressed. Wake up world!


People Suck... They bring you an animal and no financial means to back it up... nothing... they figure giving you their pet is gift enough... I'M sorry but it's not. The first thing I have to do is take the pet that you have neglected to take in to the vet for years into the vet... for a check up... and shots if applicable. to find out all the issues that you have been so neglectful... not wanting to know.

We take in the sick the weak the neglected... and we want to IMPROVE the quality of their lives. And we do, when the world gives up we make it better... and the Animals are Thankful. Their eyes tell the story... but there is nothing better than when they feel better, to see them rolling in the grass... wagging their tag... or flying for the first time...

That's why we do it. For those times... so they can have that once more happy pain free time. I know it makes me forget about the financial strain for a little bit. I get something their previous owners don't getwe know we did all we can, and they did have a quality of life again. We get to see that.


Corry is really nice (the spca communications officer)
She is one of those really great people a keep telling you about. LOL. I am so thrilled she phoned you.