Rescue Journal

barn babe

Carol  ·  Aug. 1, 2009

the three stooges (mo, curly and larry) go to their new home today...and for once i actually accomplished my full pet goats from the slaughter house and send them off asap to a very good, forever home. the asap part took longer than i thought but hey, i am ok with that.

joy is such a wonderful cow...i named her perfectly. she brings joy to percy, to me, to the volunteers and she brings joy to emily. last night i let emily out to spend the night with her grown up friends...after dashing and zooming about, she shoved her head thru joy's back legs and pretended to nurse for quite awhile. i don't know too many not-your-mama's and have-never-been-mama's who would let some strange babe suckle on them. but joy just ignores her and stands still as can be while eating her hay so emily can get as close as she can to having a real baby cow and mommy experience.

luckily i had already fed her two bottles so she wasn't hungry or impatient...that might not have gone over as well.

speaking of hungry barn babes..i better go feed her before i leave to pick up watson...and so the day begins.


lynne arnason

i did not know the three goats were adopted out. where did they go. hope lucky is going to be okay some good luck would be nice once in awhile. also max is adorable, what a cute face.


It is not impossible that the sucking Emily is giving Joy could stimulate lactation. Maybe Emily has a plan!