Rescue Journal

oh why?

Carol  ·  Aug. 1, 2009

lucky was doing quite poorly this morning but seems to have rallied a bit late this afternoon. they took bowel biopsies while she was under because they don't think her sudden crash was just the rocks in her belly. since she was still choking today, i asked them to do chest xrays to see if there was anything not nice in her lungs...she has crappy old dog lungs but no obvious cancerous tumours so at least that was good news about her for once.

anyway...she remains in the clinic on IV's not sure when she can come home.

the goats headed off to their new home...with their really nice new family..i think they will be very happy there.

max did ok with his vet trip...we already knew he had a crappy heart, crappy teeth, crappy hips, crappy spine with quite alot of muscle atrophy....BUT...he has a GREAT personality and attitude. he came flying out of that van to get back out to the barn as fast as he could and mo said he is going to be a great new barn buddy.....he likes the saints barn routine...clean a stall...throw the ball...fill a bucket, go for a walk...finish it all up and go to the memorial garden for cold drinks and a bunch of treats....apparently, a cattle dogs dream.

watson is home and doing fine...he has a ton of meds tho...ear drops, eye drops, 2 different pain meds and oral antibiotics too.

we started both watson and max on cartrophen injections so with max's pain and cardiac meds...both of them should be feeling really good really soon.

frodo is sleeping in the rabbit room is his second choice on living places since that watson has stolen his building.

i asked the vet if i was right, was watson going to be deaf, blind and crippled within a couple of years...he laughed and said yes he was....i don't really care about that but holy shit! i am going to be stuck with that cat hating dog for the rest of his life!!!

i guess i better be thinking about building saints first (godamit) kennel..cuz he is not safe to be uncontained around here.

why oh why did daphne two have to go missing in that storm?, and why oh why did i stop to pick up watson off of the road? and why oh why couldn't he have had a decent family to come looking for him? and why oh why did i tell the pound to let us know if he was in trouble? and why oh why does he have to be such a nice human dog? if he was nasty, i could put him down, too many strikes to deal with...but no.... he has to go a be a real sweetie....way to go watson...try developing some niceness for cats!

AND FINALLY..... why oh why did i ever go into rescue at all???????

because i am stupid.



I have always said I have stupid written on my forehead... 40 parrots... I must be nuts. But someone brings me a parrot with a sa story... Maybe missing feathers... or worse, really skinny and I can't say no... Yup... Rescue, should be stupid spelt Backwards.


You are not stupid, you know all this comes from your heart, it is just built in to you, almost born and bred in. Also you must know to few will do this and some of them just do not do this right.

Having worked in a rescue and loved the work, but quit because everything was for the people and less for the animals, those for whom the money came in for.

I read some of your blogs and truly understand some of your feelings, my furry, feathered and wooly gang come up with some hair raising days, I get choked but know I would never want to be without them.

Hope one or more of those kidlets give you a good laugh today and the next one that will do something annoying comes up and rubs a hug, slurps you a big one, scratches to hold you near or just gives the look of visit with me now.

have a good one