Rescue Journal

i think everyone should fall over themselves to buy tickets for the fundraiser...

Carol  ·  Aug. 3, 2009

just out of extreme pity for me.

this whole rescue thing is just hard and dirty and exhausting and that's AFTER i get home from my "real" job.

last night i momentarily passed out in the barn..not for any reason except it was too freaking hot in there and i was dripping in sweat, unable to breathe in the hot thick air. ooops...i neglected to open up and air the barn out first which i do every night. anyway..i got myself outside, pulled over a bench, sat in the shade with the hose running over my head and then i was fine again.

tonight i came home from work to check out cole who mo said was dripping blood from his tail....i started digging thru his very thick coat and lo and behold another disgusting mass of maggots. i couldn't find the shaver, i couldn't find the betadine or the peroxide so i tossed him in the tub..couldn't make any headway. tied him to the cupboard ran out to the barn and grabbed the horse shavers...shaved his tail down some more..ran into town to shoppers and bought some betadine..tended his wounds, cleaned up the mess. made sure i got all the buggers, bathed him again..all the while with him wailing that i was killing him.... and then i set him free to sulk in peace.

now he freaking HATES me.

tomorrow that dog is getting shaved stem to stern and i don't care if he looks like a freak. i want him naked so i can see every inch of him and he is going to have a god damn dreaded bath every day too, at least until fly season is thru.

did you know that rescue is about overheating and waking up in a pigs stall?..did you know it was about leaking, incontinent dogs that you have to shave maggots off when you get home from your job? did you know it was gross and disgusting and hot and not even the least little bit pretty?

so i think folks should sell us out for our fundraiser really quick so i can have a nice, clean, pretty night out away from the ickiness here while doing some much needed fundraising!

for the non icky news....

i was late putting the barn guys to bed,,,little emily was wild in her zoomies. she was kicking and bucking and flying around. she reminded me of a much smaller version of a young percy who used to scare the crap out of me...sigh...another few hundred pounds and she will soon be scaring me too.

saints welcomes syndra...a very sweet blind and deaf senior shitzu from the burnaby shelter, debbie drove her out today..(thank you!) she needs a bath and grooming but she is not gross like cole which is good cuz i am all dog bathed out for tonight anyway.

i will say tho...that cole looks quite white and spiffy right now even if he is still glaring at me.



Thanks Lynne I will!! You can update me on Copper too. I plan to be out this weekend to visit and to pick up that trap from Helga (if it's still avail). If you ever need a dog sitter for Copper...I'm available...I'm not sure if I'm relieved or sad that you got to take Copper...but I'm very happy for him though.


Anybody who would like ticket(s) please make sure you email Once payment is received, your tickets will be mailed out to you.

Thanks, Leila

lynne arnason

hi, heidi, you can sit with me, coppers mom and nickos mom and my daughter. will be glad to share a table with you.


I'd like a ticket...don't have anyone to go with me though...Anyone I can sit with??


Cole might look cute shaved!! Sam shaved Trev and he looks freaking cute...took 5 years off of him...I was thinking about doing the same except I think it will add 5 to me. I really like the fact that there is not so much hair flying around here...should have done that when I painted!!


ok laura's right...she hears better than ears are toast from years of shreiking saints!..i think she looks like a dora or a doris anyway.
that dog is going to be bald for awhile and he will have to tough it out cuz i am NOT doing the maggot thing makes me totally sick to see those disgusting things on our beloved cole.
and yes i do need a night out to celebrate exactly why i love saints...(why is that again?)


Laura I had the same thoughts.. i was thinking how Roxie reacted when her tail was clipped.. OMG you would have thought she was human & we stripped her of her clothes & sent her off down the street to wave at the neighbours ( lol image taken from an earlier post of Carol's )

I will bring extra special treats for Cole ... and Tammy gave me a good idea .. I may just take a day off work & come out & do nothing but hang with Cole & a few others in the memorial Garden.. hang in there Cole, it really is all about the love for you.


Syndra?....I thought they said Kyndra. Neither one was her original name, so I guess we can call her what ever we like. She seems very sweet and will be even cuter after a good bath and haircut. Poor Cole...maybe not such an extreme can he be the tough cop out at the barn if he loses all his dignity. But then my phone was on charge so I didn't receive your call to come to the maggot party(timing is everything):-) Plus everyone buy fundraising tickets...Carol NEEDS A NIGHT OUT!!


Speaking of grooming - Nudge now has a "lion cut"!! It was so hot in here last week I felt sorry for her and had a groomer come to my home and shave her. She looks funny but is much cooler and got over her snit with me pretty quick when she found out she could enjoy her life again.