Rescue Journal


Carol  ·  Aug. 5, 2009

the three stooges...

Hi Carol,

Here are the pictures that you requested of Larry, Curly and Moe's new home. They have settled in fantastically. I was on the SAINTS website last night and started going back through the blog when I saw you mentioned that the goats went to their new home. I just about pissed my pants on some of your comments about them I was laughing so hard. What a riot!

When we got them home they promptly decided to attack both the kids by butting them with their heads. Quickly put a stop to that. I think the kids screams of "ouch" scared the goats more than the goats scared the kids. We have already taught them "off" (just like a dog) when it comes to the kids and they respect this command really well. No more problems. Kids can go right up to them and pet them and give them hugs.

Had a couple of food issues with Curly as you had forewarned. Right from the 1st meal I fed them I made them wait until everybody was quiet and still and then put their grain in seperate buckets. I won't say I didn't have a lot of hoof prints on my shirts and I'm quite sure if I twisted around to look I'd have a bruise in the shape of Curly's horns on my ass but as of yesterday morning there was no fighting at all - they just all ate their grain and went back to the grass.

These little guys have made all of us laugh so much. I cannot believe the things they do - they're crazy. It's great!! They are also the most incredible lawn mowers and weed eaters. They've got any machine beat by a mile.

Thank you to all your volunteers for rescuing them and being patient until I could come and get them. We love them so much and they have brought so many giggles and belly laughs from the kids already. They have, without any doubt or questions, found their forever home.

Again, thank you so much for all your organization does. You are a fantastic group.

i am so very glad those very cute but freaking busy goats have found their forever home! thx colleen...have fun with the three little stooges and good on you for training them...i never thought of that, stupid me..of course they are very bright and can learn some basic manners....duh.

emily had her surgery...we all watched the vet cut open our babe and fix her hernia up. she was very slow to wake up again,,,should have been up in an hour but didn't wake up fpor almost 4 hours so we were getting really worried. nicole sat with her all afternoon and cuz she was bored...took periodic pictures of our still sleeping beauty. the vet came back twice to check on her and finally gave her something to reverse her profound sedation. she is now wide awake, has sucked back two bottles and is busy looking for more.

nicole is now shaving cole so he will hate her next. and i guess i better go put the barn guys to bed..sigh..i wish they could put themselves to bed once in awhile.



So glad to hear about the three Stooges and their new home! I am also glad to hear that Emily has made it through her surgery. I bet it wont take her long to be running around again. Thank you to everyone who has made these types of updates possible, i.e. new forever homes, medical miracles, and ensuring the everyday stuff gets done.