Rescue Journal

how to spend $12,000 at the vets

Carol  ·  Aug. 7, 2009

6 goat booster vaccines

goats worming and final lice treatment

gideons sedation, catherization, bloodwork, ultrsound and regular cancer and weight loss monitering

spritelys bad leg and special meds

calf hernia and de-horning surgery with three more not waking up visits

calf with pneumonia and a bunch of visits and iv meds

one fight for the life of todd the sick calf and his ultimate euthanization

one geriatric rabbit neuter

one stupid rock eating blind golden retriever with 4 days of hospitalization, bowel biopsies, xrays, IV's, and emergency surgery.

max's exam, meds and blood work

banjo's exam, bloodwork, meds and upcoming surgery

jesse's exam, bloodwork and upcoming surgery

apollo's upcoming day long vet visit for blood glucose curve.

watson's exam, xrays, bloodwork, neuter, ear flush, eye pressure check, tattoo, vaccines and all of his medications.

marshmellows last surgery, eye meds and re-check

morgans spay, tattoo, vaccines, felv/FIV testing

coles' emergency shaving, de-maggoting and meds

daphnes bloodwork, exam xray EKG and meds

doris's exam bloodwork, eye pressure check, ear flush and meds

several foster animal vet visits for various things

regular monthly medication restocking orders (elavil, melixacam, tramaol, quatrisol, insulin) for maude, phoebe, jewel, jesse, lucas, cleo, angel, apollo, ellie, lahanie, dusty, caspar, spritely, and cole

special monthly medical diet restocking orders for caspar, angel, dusty, lucky, the felv cats, the kitchen crystal cats, and the new hypoallergenic food for doris now too.

i THINK that was everything.

vet visits, treatments, surgeries, diagnostics, medications and medical diets for about 55 different is about an average of $200 and something per body...i guess thats not so bad.



You can almost sing that list to the tune of The Twelve Days of Christmas. I know, I tried.