Rescue Journal


Carol  ·  Aug. 7, 2009

the plumbers were back..the old water tanks that we moved to feed the barn are leaking and no water is reaching the barn from the hose hooked up to them. they fixed the leak and apparently i have to put in a small pump to move the has something to do with psi's and gravity...more money to spend. shit.

the vet was here on 3 emergency calls for emily...she has developed pneumonia again post -surgery. she is on three different iv meds for me to give twice a day..anti iflamatory, antibiotic and heprin to keep her iv cathetor open...shit again.

and i checked all of the vet balances today...and holy shit. by the time jesse has his surgery, banjo has hers and apollo has his blood sugar curve next week, we will have spent about 12 grand in just over 4 weeks.

daffy duck dog had her cardiac assessment..her heart is toast. she could keel over with a heart attack at any moment. we are to start her on foretkor and digoxin and have her re-checked in a week....shit for the third time today but daphne enjoyed her lunch out at mcdonalds.

doris has 3 different eye of which is to given 4-6 times a day. she also has some heavy duty ear meds, oral antibiotics and needs a medicated bath every 3 days. shit for the fourth time today cuz that is really a crippling med load for us. we are already giving out a ton of meds and don't need half a dozen more! they did not find a rectal mass tho so that is a good thing.

i have had a massive headache all freaking day and i can't find the advil so i haven't taken anything not only am i in pain, but i am also a little bit stupid...find the advil carol, don't be suck a dolt!

tonight is my daughter's birthday dinner...i haven't had time to pick up a card or a gift...shit for the fifth time today and shit for the sixth time too cuz i really am too busy with sickies and stuff to do (i don't have any clean work clothes for tomorrow yet.) and not feeling well to have to go out for dinner today.

i am a shitty mother having a shitty day.



I am soooo glad to hear I am not the only one who can drink only 1/2 a beer and be buzzed.


glad we didn't have to bail you out of the drunk tank.i have no tolerance to alcohol... half a beer and i would have been over so i just don't bother with anything at all except pop unless i am staying home.


This will make you laugh - we had a meeting at Kathy's for the dinner in Sept. I had a glass and 1/2 of wine at Kathy's place. We are driving home and there is road block from the police.

A police woman cover and says: Where were you tonight
Me: At a friend's house.
Police woman: did you drink
Me: yes I had a glass of wine (I lied a had a glass and 1/2)
Police woman: follow my finger
Me - me whole head follows the finger
Police Woman: No just have your eyes follow my finger. don't move your head
Me: Tries desperately to follow the finger with my eyes but the finger is to close and I am uncoordinated and mostly have been without glasses for 5 years and have really bad vision at night.

At this point she pulls me over and I think oh my god - and try to get out of the car because I am so nervous.
She tells me no get back in the car we don't want you to get run over.

She informs me that she is a "specialist" trained to detect people who have been shall we say drinking too much. And apparently they way my eyes moved is how a drunks eye move when trying to follow a finger. I had to take a breathlayzer.

As she is talking to me and I can follow all of her instructions and am having a reasonable conversation with her - and before I blow in - she says I think you will be okay.

I think it said .016 which was fine Whew. THANK GOD Kathy gave me a glass of water to drink.