Rescue Journal


Carol  ·  Aug. 9, 2009

i fell asleep watching a movie with the bed buddies after work...i ended up not waking up til 8 pm and emily was bellowing for her bottles. luckily laura and lana had come by and walked watson for me and had started putting the barn guys to bed or i am not sure i would have been done before it was, i was back in bed by 10, asleep by 11, and up for work again at this morning i feel a lot brighter (or at least i am telling myself that i do.)

for 2 mornings in a row i have woken up to a watery puddle of something near nina...not even sure if it is vomit or diarrhea but it makes me wonder did she eat another peach pit or something again? or is her gut just upset cuz she is really old and frail?

we'll watch her and see.

the dogs are all sleeping and not into waking up yet. that is good cuz they have a busy day with the volunteers today..they are all really happily tired by the end of the weekends....and it is good cuz it is quiet and i can post and drink my tea in virtual silence this morning and that is a real treat for me.

i am looking at those cute little ducklings...dale and darcy yesterday....i am thinking they look a bit different than our last ducklings did, but i am unsure in what way..they are little and yellow like the last ones we had. but why would domestic ducklings be left in a box at a gas station? if someone bought them, or hatched would think they would keep them.

so what if they found them in the wild and stuck them in a box and left them at the gas station cuz they didn't know what else to do with them and they are not lost domestic baby ducks at all...could they be geese???? i would know the difference til suddenly my gut says, maybe our little ducks look somehow slightly different i think they should?

so my burning question for the day is...does anyone know what little baby geese look like and do they sort of look like baby ducks but taller and more vertical?

it might suck in a few weeks to be in rescue and NOT know the difference between maybe domestic baby ducks and probably not domestic baby geese.



Indian Runner ducks - like the ducks in the movie "Babe" are tall and lean looking. Domestic ducklings as well as goslings can be found in many different colours and patterns. There are so many different kinds of domestic ducks and geese out there it can be really hard to tell - not to mention that mallards and domestic geese can breed.
Can you post a photo of them?

Judy B

Muscovy ducklings can be yellow when young and then turn dark as the get older, that's what a farmer friend told me anyways...


Im not sure if domestic ducks are this way...but baby mallards are all yellow...when very young.....geese are bigger and not yellow...more of a browny grey :) ;) :0


Carol, check out this site:

It has pics of baby geese - do they look familiar?