Rescue Journal

can i put this in the book???

Carol  ·  Aug. 11, 2009

those cute little maybe not ducks are definitely not ducks...they aren't even cute or little any more. they grew over night like to three times their previous size and are now god damn monsterous baby domestic geese.

i know NOTHING about geese EXCEPT they are considered to be the most aggressive of the farm yard birds AND they are rumoured to live up to 80 years... altho 30 is more the norm. still...oh yay.

how the hell do i commit to being responsible to them for the rest of their lives (if they ever need,) if they are going to god damn out live me?????

NEVER rescue any animal even if it is a baby unless you know exactly what it is....could someone please shoot me now?

(jenn..if i, as my daughter are now forever responsible for those geese...sorry, it sucks to have me as your mother.)



haha actually geese DO cohabitate really well with goats and some will even protect chickens. hand-raised they should bond fairly quickly to humans.


hey karen, have you thought about geese for your hobby farm?...i read they make good and loyal companions for whoever feeds them. plus you are younger than me.


Relax, they usually only live for about 20 years. You'll only be 70-ish!