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shrek and fi vs the vacuum...

Nicole  ·  Aug. 11, 2009

so i was vacuuming tonigth and shrek and fi started having a fit, trying to catch the vacuum, lick it, chew it.
they thought it was the greatest new toy. and were trying very hard to figure out how they can chew it and attack it without the feeling of their face being sucked into this fun new toy.

the innocent:

hmmm. what's that?

can i try? please

crazy face

so how do i bite it without it turning on me.

i'll try this way. (please appreciate the crazy eyes)

one more try



yes, it's turned on, that's why they are attacking it (don't worry, not a safety issue). and it being on adds to their funny faces when they lick the end.


Love the pics!!! One question though, is the vacuum cleaner on when Shrek and Fi are trying to suck down the handle?


you should send these down to kai...she was asking about them recently (and if we had room for some more old american death rowers...i said not yet, still too full with the canadian wrecked ones) can you complain about their names?...they so look like happy and gentle ogres!
see you at noon! get a picture of doris, peluchi and jeremiah to post with their new hair do's! and don't forget the bloody baby geese.


Love the crazy eyes in that last picture, Nic! :)

I remember when Emma used to love being vacuumed...oh the joys of a deaf dog!