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Carol  ·  Aug. 11, 2009

A Simple Case of Mistaken Identity

Sometimes a case of mistaken identity can be a very good thing. We are who we think we are until someone presents another possiblity.

Kissy and Annie have been with us since almost the very beginning. We ended up with sheep when we stepped up to help some old rotti's. Grammy came a few years later. She had always been shy and hesitant even in her original home. When she came to SAINTS she continued to be at the bottom of the sheep totem pole.

No one was ever mean or unkind to her, she just existed by choice on the periphery..always a few feet away, always last in line, bringing up the rear. She had no confidence in herself, in any right to be in the middle of things. That all changed a year later, within a couple of hours, when Elizabeth came to SAINTS.

Elizabeth lost her home when her family suffered a health crises and the entire flock was dispersed. She walked into SAINTS not having a clue of who was who. She made a reasonable sheep assumption, Grammy as the oldest, must be the wisest and the one with the most power too. Elizabeth attached herself to Grammy as "The Leader" and followed her everywhere.

Kissy and Annie who were curious about Elizabeth, followed along with them. In less than a day Grammy became the leader of SAINTS little flock, when she moved, they moved, every single one. All of a sudden she was noteworthy, the others paid attention to her and what she was doing and Grammy's confidence grew.

Today, almost a full year later, Grammy is no longer a hesitant member of our little flock, unsure of where she should be. She learned that she has the same rights of the others, she can be first, or in the middle or bring up the rear if she is slow, just like everyone else.

She is a full and functioning member of the group because she decided that she did belong and she did have something to offer. She believes in herself and the value that she holds and all because of a mistaken assumption by the newest girl. It just goes to show you that we are what we think.

Grammy and Elizabeth and Kissy and Annie offer you a place at their table where a sheep's belief in self and intrinsic value can change their view of their little world and the place they hold within it.



Hi Lynne,
I can get you there & back if you need. There are only two of us and I can fit five in my car. The offer also stands to anyone else who needs, it's a long drive from the valley and we might as well carpool.


PS: Este is still doing fabulous (We love her very much) and Timmy finally came back from the lake. The whole family has been on vacation at Cultus, looks like he is making a wonderfull addition to their family!


hi having fun up in fraser lake, hope copper is doing well. will be home on the weekend and will pick him up. neat stories, looking forward to reading more, now i have no one to go to the fundraiser with, my daughter is working. any9one going from mission that i can hook up with. see you on the weekend. probably sun afternoon.

Francesca Wilson

Hi Carole, Marie and I have been on holidays for a bit but looking foward to being at SAINTS tomorrow.
Thanks, francesca

Barbara DeMott

Anyone else think that the "tables bios" are the start of a book?