Rescue Journal

is anyone available today between 4:30-5:30

Carol  ·  Aug. 13, 2009

to watch the saintly freak outs? i have to pick everyone back up from the vets after their surgeries and apparently there are thunder storms predicted for late this afternoon.

if so please let me know.




thx laura! i am not sure yet if jesse is coming home tonight so i may or may not have to go back into maple ridge but i will still have to get the other guys.


i am working sunday morning but will get them fed and out before i leave for work...but remind me or o will forget.


Carol ... or another volunteer... can someone feed & turn-out the barn guys this Sunday A.M. ? I am bringing out my cousin ( who is visting from out of town )to help me & meet the crew and I need to pick her up in Bby 1st.