Rescue Journal

you have absolutely no idea....

Carol  ·  Aug. 13, 2009

how utterly horrible i feel. my chest is full and i can't stop coughing, my eyes are so itchy, i swear i am going to dig the suckers out and half of my hand is swollen to twice it's size (and it freaking well itches like crazy too)

this answers my question from earlier in the year...yes, apparently i am still allergic to bee stings.... 3 am and the benadryl has worn off, i am NOT a happy camper.

i just took another double dose which in retrospect may not have been a good idea cuz while renee is dropping off banjo and apollo at the vets in mission at 8 am...i am going to have to drive to maple ridge to drop off jesse at the same time..i wonder if the doubled benadryl will have cleared my system enough by then.

AND in addition to having a wrecked left hand from that damn grumpy right hand is not all that great either cuz jeremiah yet again, accidently bit me. he was on my lap and lunged for max who just wanted to say hello and (because why? he is near-sighted? perceptually challenged?...can't tell the difference between a finger and a dog????) nailed my in the finger. this brings to mind a couple of things for me...A..jerry could try to bite not quite so hard, he gets his point across to the dogs with the simple but rapid lunge and B.... he could in any case try to improve his aim.

anyway, i am using the blog to distract me from my current misery. my chest is slightly better, my eyes, not so much but i can feel them getting heavy so soon i should be out like a light. it will be interesting to see what time i actually wake up.

while i am truly grateful that my allergies to bees are not deadly, they sure are not nice either...goddamn those stinger-happy irritable freaking violent bees.