Rescue Journal

i am not sure how you measure success in rescue....

Carol  ·  Aug. 15, 2009

but it certainly would not have been by today...i was in a bad mood all day. it wasn't the animals, i am just getting "peopled out" again. these poor folks came to the gate and in response to my 'can i help you?".... said..."yes we would like to look at the dogs and take one home today." appointment, no conception of the process....not really sure what kind of rescue gate they were at.

are you aware that we are a senior and special needs rescue? most of our dogs are 14, 16, 18 years old. they have health issues and are incontinent...``

oh that is not what we are looking for, we are looking for about a year old. to be a friend to our other dog....

well the pounds and the spca`s have lots of younger might want to try them instead.

ok so it does not sound so bad but it was abrupt and to the point...i wasn`t into chatting or helping them along, i just wanted to get back to my not so great day.`

i had to run sissy down to the found a bunch of dried drainage around her neck...when i started digging, i found a very large and blown up abcess. it was not a good one, there still was a lot of crap inside. i flushed it out before i took her in, the clinic shaved around it, cleaned it some more and sent her home with antibiotic orders.

i am pretty sure that at some point in the recent pâst...phoebe the intermittent psycho-hag nailed her in the neck. we didn`t notice it, it healed over and brewed a nasty abcess to blow up today. anyway...sissy is not a fan of mine today either...she wished i just minded my own GD business....she really hates going into the vets.

we ran out of water first thing this morning but luckily the water truck took pity and came before noon...i have been pushing thru a ton of saints laundry, trying to catch up before i go to bed. i have an early start tomorrow..i need to remember to feed and let loose the barn guys, give emily her bottles, clean up the goslings and give them enough clean food and water to last until the volunteers arrive. plus poke the diabetics and clean up the nightly accidents, which aren`t all accidents but we will pretend that they are.

the weekend mornings before i go to work are way busier than the weekday ones cuz the mon-fri staff start getting here around 730 and take care of a lot of the animal stuff for me...i just clean up the first messes and poke the diabetics, fix up the goslings and drink my morning tea.... it is ALMOST but not quite a breeze.

i cannot wait til those messy baby birds can join the rest of their new saints barn bird family!

well, i guess i will have a hot bath since tonight we have lots of water, put my personal laundry away (i finally caught up and did 6 weeks worth yesterday, which why we ran out of water this morning!) and then go hang out with the bedroom crew cuz they are impatiently waiting for me to get myself in there...i think we are watching The Soloist tonight.

hopefully tomorrow before i start seeing my clients, i will be more human-friendly....that would be sort of nice.

hope floats...



Dropped off three cat beds at Emerg for Nicole to bring out to you. I know this has nothing to do with the post above but thought I'd tell you anyway.