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Carol  ·  Aug. 16, 2009

The Fatted Calf

Emily had a very rough start in life, torn away from her mother on her birth day, up for sale at the auction. To add insult to injury no one would even meet the closing bid of two dollars. We were insulted for her, who could not want that poor little sale discounted baby?

Well I really didn't but we bought her anyway...animal loving suckers are an auctioners dream.

Because of her poor start, like many new parents, we decided we had to make this up to her. So while all other calves her age, get three bottles of milk a day, our little Emily, not to be denied, drinks a whopping six...and she is still looking for more. Last week the vet said, "gee she is big for her age"...apparently that dairy commercial is true, milk does a body good.

Tonight it occurred to me as she was stepping on my foot, knocking me off balance, pushing me along, to hurry supper up...we are raising another spoiled rotten, over indulged calf.... like Percy is not enough.

So while Emily is quite the fatted calf, her fat is for herself alone. She feels quite proud to host her own grown up vegetarian table, but she is not sure why we did not include a couple of bottles of milk and invite her along.

(this would be because she would wreck the joint, she is still an uncoordinated and klutzy 120 pound babe)



Greg, thank you for your wonderful story of Emily being reunited with her best friends! It completely warmed my heart! She is such a darling! They all are!! : )


When my wife, Bronwen, and I arrived on Saturday at 9:00, the first sound we heard was Emily bellowing for her bottle. The humans and the dogs were all walking around the pond at the far end of the property, probably out of earshot. We walked over to her pen to say 'good morning' and she warily walked over to greet us and get an ear-scratch. As soon as we retreated, the bellowing started again. And it was loud! She wanted her bottle and she didn't care who knew about it!

Later that day, Emily was still confined to her pen, separated from the rest of the animals, when Carol gave the magic word. Her gate opened and the reaction was priceless! She was hopping around the riding ring, so utterly elated to be joining Percy and Joy and the rest of the gang (finally!).

How adorable she is!