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Carol  ·  Aug. 16, 2009

The Stoolie

Every school yard has them, most every family does too. SAINTS is no different, the one who rats you out is alive and watching here.

It is Caspar...the somewhat friendly poodle. I say somewhat because while he is nice most of the time, twice a day he is not.

Caspar came from Alberta, he belonged to an elderly couple. When he developed diabetes, they said they could no longer care for him with his disease. I felt sorry for the little guy, booted out of house and home for want of a bit of insulin. It didn't seem fair...until I met him and tried to give him his first insulin injection, Mr. Nice-Guy turned into a snarling fiend.

THEN I got it, Caspar was not easy to medicate, in fact he was down right scary. Here we are six months later and the twice a day insulin is down to an efficient routine...I stick a bowl of canned food under his nose, he greedily sticks his face into the food, I slip a muzzle over his mouth, twist, hold tight, he starts to snarl, and tries to kill me with his eyes. I give him his poke, let him loose and he dives back into the bowl. It works really well but it takes speed and good hand/eye coordination.

Anyway...the rest of the time, little Caspar is my very best friend. He watches for hours for the moment that I get home from work and then runs to share the news. This is how it goes....I pull into a silent driveway, everyone is quiet and probably sound asleep. I spy Caspar's intent little face watching from the outside cat run. As soon as he determines that it is really me, he darts into the house to alert everyone else and by the time I open the gate, the silence is gone and replaced with a bunch of dogs all frantically screaming.

I have tried to tell him, "shhh, please be quiet, don't tell the others that I am here." but Caspar the stool pigeon has no self contol and he can't keep a secret for even a minute, he has to go flying inside to spread the word..."WAKE UP EVERYBODY, SHE IS FINALLY HOME!"

That little dog, needs to find a new job.

Caspar the big mouth is very excited to offer you a place at his table. But just remember while you are eating your dinner, he is patiently on guard at home waiting to start yelling "hey you guys, SHE'S BACK!" (so please try to send her home early.)



I don't know Carol, immediate gratification, poor impulse control, lets you know exactly how he feels about things, and hyper-focusing (on food) - sounds like ADD or ADHD to me.

I wish that I could sit at Caspar's table.