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table 11

Carol  ·  Aug. 17, 2009

will not appear here (unless sheila posts it cuz i do not know how)..this is Luke's table, one of the lucky saints who found his perfect home.

i will move on to the next table tale as soon as one of them says they want to host table 12.

and by the way...please spread the word about the event and that the tickets are now for might hurt the feelings of the table host animals if the chairs at their table were not full. (if they could be there in person and eat the left over food, they might not care too much, but their spirit presence is as close as they are going to get cuz i can fully imagine what those little buggers would do if their actual bodies were let loose in the shadbolt room.)



I think that there may not be enough room for everyone at Luke's table after that wonderful biography.


just wanted to know how the ticket sales are going. dawn please give me a call so we can discuss the travelling plans 8267287. got coppers ear medication today so hopefully that will help. he is settling in quite nicely again. see you all soon. that is great news about bandit. he will have an awsome home with laura and lana. sheila, i have some clothing for the fundraiser what should i do with them.


The Good Dog...

Luke left SAINTS and came to live with us January 7, 2006. He came almost a month after our dog Butch passed away and Luke passed away Oct 31, 2007 almost a month before the second anniversary of Butch’s passing. It is more than likely not significant but it is stuck in my head because Butch was what we called a “very good dog” and then Luke became the “very good dog” in our home. People were just drawn to Luke… the neighbours next door who never came near any of our other fosters, my brothers who told me Luke was allowed to come to work with me, people in the parking lot when I took him to the vet’s, strangers who met him when I would take him to any public event. People would always want to reach down and touch him. I would always try not to tell people Luke was blind and well mostly deaf because I didn’t want him to be defined by that but he had a habit of flaying his head around and he really didn’t respond to their words and I would end up telling them and then people would love him even more.

Luke spent most of his life somewhere else … and yet it seems to me that he spent most of his life here with us. We no longer have our routine of letting Luke out in the backyard to do his morning business and nor did we have him pacing back and forth because he had an internal clock that knew when he should be fed his morning meal. No longer will we all of sudden go where’s Luke because we can’t find him and we are scared he got lost in the house somewhere or god forbid we forgot to bring him from outside. He knew where the bathrooms were and would go looking for them because he liked to drink out of the toilet … sometimes he would lock himself in the bathroom and it would take us awhile to figure that out. This is the second summer in which we didn’t have to make sure to throw away all the plums that land on the ground from the tree because the first year Luke ate what seemed like a thousand and then came inside and exploding for two days. Nor will we hear his voice joining in with Patrick and Oliver because they are barking so loud Luke figures something must be going on and contributes to the noise level. No longer will we have to tell new fosters that think they can take advantage of blind/deaf dogs “this is Luke… you don’t touch Luke”. No longer can I use the excuse I can’t go on holiday I can’t leave my blind /deaf dog at a kennel. Gee that got us out of a lot of stuff. And no longer will Oliver, who is disabled and cannot walk up the stairs and freaks if you try to carry him upstairs, have a roommate to snuggle up to at night.

Luke was a very large presence in our home and although he was with us for less than two years we still miss his very large beautiful soul.

My sister our fur family members and I would like to extend our warmest gratitude to Carol and SAINTS. We know of no other place that would have taken in a dog like Luke. My purpose in telling Luke’s story is to hopefully inspire the reader and others to adopt a companion animals like Luke. Companion animals that appear to be broken on the outside but are a far cry from it on the inside. I don’t know what journey Luke took to get to SAINTS but I am sure glad that he got there.

So in memory of Luke please eat heartily because Luke just loooovved his food.


ooops dont know what happened ... it posted three times, is that good luck?

Also, check out the "silent auction" link to the right for more details on the event.


Yes! we need to sell more tickets. It is going to be a great evening.

There will be good food, good people, and we will feature some great animals.

Also there is going to be some great stuff for auction and this year in addition to a silent auction, we will be doing a live auction too!

Here are some of the items you can raise your bid number for (all proceeds to a great cause):

A 2 night stay at Cougars Crag, pet friendly B&B:

6 bottles of Spain & Portugual "Cult" Wines:

Marble Slab Creamery catered sundae bar for 50:

2-one hour skating lessons with olympian and world champion Canadian Figure skater Karen Magnussen:

Harbour Air Return Airfare for two from Vancouver to Nanaimo:

and much, much more! So please buy your tickets and bring your cheque books or a thick wad of cash!!!!