Rescue Journal

i had a dream last night

Carol  ·  Aug. 20, 2009

that i was at some kind of stable and there were three men and the really tall man was punching this very small white horse in the middle of his back. and when i told them to stop, the three men surrounded me and i only came up to the tall mans waist. i said stop hitting that horse, you don't have to treat him like that, and he said yes i do..he killed my son. and then i was walking home from who knows where in the total dark leading a small horse.

so what the heck is that all about? when i went to sleep, i was pissed over dog and cat dumpers and bad mannered ducks..horses were not even in my head so why that dream last night?...isn't that weird?

anyway..this morning my neck hurts and is stiff so i can't bend down to pick up poop from the night pooping crew. that sucks.