Rescue Journal

i just want everyone to know...

Carol  ·  Aug. 24, 2009

that i am starting my pre-annual wishes for whiskers fundraiser freakout. it is three weeks before the event and this is when i start with the worrying meltdown about selling enough tickets to break even. i do it every year, and every year it works out but this year i am worrying more because we made the big leap into a higher level of venue and a full catered meal.

the committee...sheila, leila, kathy, jenn, nicole, zoe and ang have done an amazing job of planning and pulling it all together. they have given up countless hours of their time and lives to raise funds to meet our never ending vet bills and hold us until the xmas donations begin to roll in. the night itself is going to be great but the event will only be a success IF we can sell all of the tickets. that is beyond their control.

the tickets have to be pre-sold, we are not allowed to sell any at the door because of the liquor board rules.

so please, if you could forward on the electronic e-vite (on our events page) to anyone you know who might enjoy an evening out celebrating the lives of senior animals who finally, after a lifetime of living and giving, are getting some living and giving returned to them.....maybe we can all stop worrying and just work together to make their life (and that one night) something special to remember.

ok, my freak out is momentarily addressed...i better get back to my only job in all of this (except to show up the night of the event) to writing the rest of the animal's table tales in anticipation of a enough people for all of their tables.

(but i am still freaking out inside that someone i love might have an empty table to host and i think that will hurt their feelings!)