Rescue Journal

i spent the afternoon helping jenn fine tune the info for the slide show for the fundraiser.

Carol  ·  Aug. 24, 2009

i was blinking back tears a couple of times...sigh, watching our animals will sometimes do that to you. this evening she came out to get some more film for the slide show. she got the idiot dogs stalking me on the tractor, phoebe sounding vicious while killing a stick, max running and chasing a ball and clayton, a very fast and agile young man, emily being halter trained, daphne 2 zooming around like a crippled maniac, and gilbert and emily playing Battle together...that was really super cute.

the dogs are tired, i am tired, jenn is probably tired or will be and has just started the long drive home in the dark.

i think that slide show is supposed to run continuously thru out the dinner event...i watched about an hour of it today and for sure i want my own copy..i like watching the is less of a big responsibilty watching them on film!

back to work tomorrow and i want a hot bath before bed.



Nope I am not the T-shirt person... Tammy arranged the ones we had for open house.. and I believe Zoe ( or her friends) did some T-shirts for SAINTS a while back as a fundraiser ( Sheila bought me the one with Gwen on it & I love it )

Hmmmm but you have put an idea in my head... Thanks


Thanks Lory,

I got your email and I am currently downloading that song as I write. The T-shirts I believe Mo (Maureen) has the connection and design for ... hint, hint Mo ... people want to be sporting their SAINTS gear ... and I just discussed with my mom about selling the DVD ... $15.00 each ... or free at this years fundraiser if you donate money or buy an auction item over $100 (limited one per person).


This might be off topic, but is Saints going to make Christmas cards this year? I loved the ones I bought at the pet fair a few years ago and would love to buy some to send out this year too.


Jenn - I sent you an email about the print.
I like Connie Kaldor's song "I love that dog"

I would love to buy copies of the slide show for myself and others. How are the T-shirts going, Zoe? I hope to make SAINTS stuff my Christmas gifts this year.

Roff Johannson

Any thought that a digital copy of the slide show might make an item people might want to buy? Burning a DVD of the material would be easy. There's a lot of work and memories in there and I bet I'm not the only one who would like a copy of it.


Yes and I need song suggestions for the video and any cool photos/videos people have please email me:

Laura: I need the name of the donor for the bike and also the name of the donor of that print. Also, values for both please.