Rescue Journal

to know me is to loathe me...

Carol  ·  Aug. 25, 2009

that is what it is like living with dixie chick. i swear she looks at me like i am some kind of disgusting, upright, pale and hair-less creature that she absolutely and totally loathes...unless i get too close..then her eyes widen in utter horror.

like what dix? i am going to rip off your leg? pull off your whiskers? god forbid...gently tug that newest mat off your neck? what exactly do you think after all of these years, i am going to do to you anyway?

i have never once touched you without permission, which means i have never touched you because you always say F%#$ OFF and run.

sigh...dixie and morgan are now sharing a bed. up til now, morgan is cautious around me and tries to avoid too close of contact, but she does not hate me. i am not some horrifyingly disgusting monster to her.

i can just imagine what dixie is whispering in her ear.

you know what dixie chick?..there are more than 100 saints animals currently here that actually like me...did it ever occur to you that just maybe, you have judged me a little too harshly for the last freaking 9 years?

probably not.

anyway...don't you be filling morgan's young and impressionable head with your overactive imaginings about the evil and dangerous human race and me in particular. i adopted you because you made yourself into a no-hoper...don't you dare turn her into one too.

feral cats are a pain in the neck, however..... i am glad dixie has a new friend....i think.