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table 15

Carol  ·  Aug. 27, 2009

The Tough Old Birds.

It is only fair that the eldest of all of the dogs and of all of the cats host a table for SAINTS crippled crew.

So...Molly and Stripe wish to welcome you to the most senior table of all.

Molly is eighteen years old now. She doesn't think that is right. She thinks she is younger because she just doesn't feel that old. Molly still likes to come for the occasional field run and check out the world to keep in touch. She is old but she is not dead, she is a fiesty old bird.

Life wasn't always good for Molly, she was a cruelty seizure from a very frail and elderly home. It wasn't that she wasn't loved, it was her person was just too old to care for her. Molly and her friend Ruby came in pretty terrible condition, Ruby was older and she died within a few months, Molly moved in and made herself at home. I tell everyone that Molly can poop for a mile, she doesn't have a clue how to take care of business while just standing still.

Everyone thinks Molly is this sweet and adorably weird looking dog (she has a chronic skin disease), but Molly is much more than that..Molly is a vicious, snarling, frightening beast whenever she needs her nails trimmed. Nicole won't admit it, but she is afraid of her. She will not trim this little, ancient dog's nails unless i am home to hold her. Molly never bites, she just likes to pretend that she is going to kill you if you don't quit goofing around with her feet....she does the "you are so dead..." thing very well.

I think it is funny..Molly is like over a hundred years old and she ain't taking no crap from nobody, at least where her toes are concerned. When you have passed old into ancient, I think you should be able to make up and live by your very own rules.

Stripe is 22 years old this year. She is the oldest cat we have ever had. She used to be REALLY tough once upon a time. In fact, barely two years ago, she almost poked out Phoebe's right eye, now Phoebe is totally afraid of cats. Stripe was once a bit of a hag and drew blood from unwary people who stroked her for 2 seconds too long. But that was when she was only twenty, she has mellowed a bit since then and hardly ever takes swats at folks, at least not very often any more.

Stripe came in with 2 other cats, Missy died at 18, and Toby died at 20, they lost their home due to human substance abuse. Stripe was not the nicest or best mannered of the three but there must be something to be said for cranky, because she certainly out lived them all.

Stripe lives on top of our fridge, she has her very own cupboard with a bed and a litter box. She is not as agile as she used to be....sometimes she falls right off. This always upsets her because she has a hard time getting back up. If you try to help her, she gets really mad. If you are lightening quick, you can get her back up before she clues in that she actually fell off. This always confuses her..."Hey, I thought I just hit the ground?" but then she looks around at her place back on the top of the world where she belongs, and shrugs it off as some kind of weird out of body experience.

This is the best for Stripe to believe because up on top of her world, she does not feel old. She only becomes aware of her real age when she finds herself down on the ground, then reality sets in.

Molly and Stripe have lived a very long time, they have figured out a thing or two. When the going gets tough, the tough get going..... or beat up whoever is preventing you from getting going, that usually works pretty well too.

They would like to welcome you to their secret of long life table, hang tough, be tough, live your life, your way...and ignore your real age.


Barbara DeMott

Stripe is so like my Olivia who passed away in July. Old, cranky, tiny forces to be reckoned with--god, I miss her- and I
still hang the laundry so she can get to her comfy spot on the dryer even if I have her ashes in a box........