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Carol  ·  Aug. 28, 2009

Sir Bobby Brown

Bobbi is a cat who lost his home for three reasons..the kids grew up and moved away, no one thought he would live this long (huh?...does life have an built in expiry date?) and now mom and dad want to be free to travel. At first I said no, but then changed my mind when asked how to go about arranging to put him down...(oops excuse me, did I say no?...sorry, I really meant yes.)

I did ask how old he was, and what was his name, when did they get him and what color he was? (whatever difference that would make.) Bobbi was a black and white 12 year old who they had had for almost 12 years. Now I have this picture in my mind of Bobbi the dignified tuxedo cat...but it was a grey/brown and white tabby cat who arrived here....oh, sorry Bobbi, wrong picture.

Who has a cat for 12 years and does not know what color he is? Anyway, Bobbi has arrived and he is having a hard time settling in. We have him in a large wire cage in one of the quiet cat rooms so we can moniter his eating and drinking and his emotional well being. He has his food and water bowls, his litter box and window that he can see out. He has two different hidey-hole beds to give him resting choices plus a large open area if he wants to come out to sit and look around.

Bobbi finally the other night, came out and rubbed against me. We had a soft and gentle moment before he went back to his bed. I am calling him Sir Bobby Brown now...I want him to feel special, like he is someone really important around here.

Bobby will eventually be ok, he is a very sweet cat with a gentle heart. This transition is difficult for him and will take a little more time. But I am telling him every day, it is not a mistake that he came here. He did not know it at the time but he was in the wrong home for his entire life. His right home will not only know what color he is but will never make him leave his home again....he will be too big a part of their lives.

Sir Bobby Brown is too upset right now to join you for dinner. Maybe by this time next year, he will be sitting patiently on the back of a couch, filled with happy pleasure while his real family share a fine dinner....hope floats Bobby Brown, all you have to do is believe.



Sounds to me like Sir Bobby Brown already chose his new person. Welcome home!