Rescue Journal

ok..back to todays little legend makers

Carol  ·  Aug. 30, 2009

endora came home on friday. she is doing pretty well. with good pain control, antibiotics and sulcrate she is eating and drinking enough for now. when she is not eating, she is sleeping and purring non stop. endora is very happy to be back in her bed next to the sink. and i am making sure that harrison doesn't try to squeeze her out. her mouth should finish it's healing over the next week or so. love you endora, good girl to hang onto life so well!

i did not take edwina to the vet yesterday. while she is still limping, she is walking well enough so we know her leg is sprained and not broken. if we can convince floyd to leave her alone and practice abstinence for a bit, soon she should be good as new.

speaking of floyd, now he is bugging the babies. i had to block them off from him because he is a dirty young duck and was making inappropriate advances. who knew that ducks were such sex machines? harem management and protection was not what i envisioned rescuing meaning.

marshmellow had his final eye check and passed with flying colors, the vet is pretty proud of himself for doing such a phenomenol job.

jesse STILL did not get his sutures out..we have not done a good enough job at keeping the incisional line from getting gunked up. could ya please stay out of the pond and barn jess, at least for a couple of days?...probably not, so we better be better at cleaning his suture line every day.

currently, everyone else is well. we have a tour at 10 am so i better get this place cleaned up.



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