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i am biased.

Carol  ·  Aug. 31, 2009

apparently you do not have to be nice to me to be my friend....if you are a poodle.

i pulled the covers off my bed to wash and renee moved them into the kitchen and tossed them on the floor. caspar lifted his leg and pee'd on them...i said.."hey! i saw that!" and he started his two legged dancing, aren't i cute? thing....ok, you curly haired freak...maybe a little.

as i was heading out the door to breakfast, caspar barged right past and wanted to come along. my head was hurting and he was being perky, and i am not a great fan of perky on the best of mornings. since my headache was from my sinus's, it was going to hurt too much to bend over to pick him up and toss him back in the gate.

so i let that perky little bugger come along with me. he climbed up on my lap and leaned against my chest. he licked my arm all the way down the hill...i was caspar's very best and most favorite friend.

we got to macdonalds and he got his own sausage mcmuffin. when he finished that, he wanted some of my boring plain cheese one....this probably was not a good breakfast for his diabetes.

we drove home in companionable silence, me trying not to move my head, and caspar licking invisible crumbs from his seat. he came cheerfully flying in the house and then straight out for his field run.

when he got back, i gave him his insulin and yes he tried to bite me.

and here is the thing that i realized...i will take all kinds of using and abusing crap from poodles...not so much from human beings.

and do you know why this is?

because poodles are super cute and people are super not.



Parrots are the same, they bite you over and over… but then they say. ” Hello, can I have a Kiss?” some how that makes it alright…

People… Not so much, but critters steal my heart everytime.

Comment by Patti — August 31, 2009 @ 4:33 pm


My old diabetic cat Cinder learned that if you bite the hand that feeds you, it still keeps feeding you anyway.