Rescue Journal

colleen and i viewed the slideshow for the fundraiser last night

Carol  ·  Sep. 4, 2009

which is why i was not is an hour and a half long. we know there are some spelling errors and a couple of cases of mistaken identity but was wonderful in every way...great pics and videos, great music and great saints just doing what they do

good job jenn!!!!! (i watched it twice before i went to bed which is why i did not answer the phone when you called)

what i really liked about it is this....when i said i live in the moment and get thru the day just by stringing all of the moments along...i did not realized that i missed out on the whole big picture. the video brings all of the moments together into what life at saints is every day.

i went to sleep loving all of them again. that was good.

i think yesterday while still busy, went better for everyone. we finally had a plan. renee is not really better but she is back to work today. i think she was freaking out at home about us messing stuff up here without her.

so this morning instead of working before i go to work..i m going to finally pay the utility bills before they cut us off, i am going to pick up pig feed which i forgot the other day and some meds for clara from the clinic (yay, i won on the steriod injections treatment least for now..i really do not want to do full dental extractions on a frail old cat.)

does anyone know anyone who would offer a home to a 5 year old neo. mastiff who is unneutered and aggressive to large male dogs and vets? this is a rescued dog being returned to his rescuers who because of long term illness now, cannot care for him anymore. apparently he is coming back to his rescuers this weekend, and we do not have any segregated areas here for him.

3 more shifts...then yay holidays begin!

ticket sales for the fundraiser are ending soon...we have to give the caterers a final count. we are still desperate to sell at least 25 more tickets to cover the event costs.

come on folks...the saints are good your friends into spending an evening with them..they will be glad that they did.



Thanks Colleen, I am glad that the stupid spelling erros etc. did not take away from its goodness.


The slideshow is outstnding!! *Joy* is the word I would use to describe it. Excellent job Jenn!


Ok a few things:

1. carol's computer is not working agian. But here is my own version of an update: Carol came home from work tonight not feeling well due to her sinuses again. But Laura--the god put the barn guys to bed, fed emily, and then went to the store to get milk for carol who has been out for a few days, thus unable to have her tea in the morning ... she loves her tea. She also bought me a delicious fizzy cola, which I had been whining abotu wanting, thanks Laura!. My mom gave Endora her baby food and exclaimed: "Baby food is freakin' expensive." Good thing I'm not pregnant!

2. SAINTS needs your spoons! Tonight as Carol was giving the dogs their treats (canned dog food) from a spoon--as per usual, Andy ran away with the last spoon. Right out the door and into the back yard. Carol said "I will never see that spoon again."

3. Carol is also worried that her daughter (me) is turning into a "crazy fundraiser lady." ---If you are still wanting to get tickets for this fab. event you can email: As I have said before this is going to be an evening to remember. Great food, great atmospher, great multi-media presentations, great items up for bid, and a great cause. You wont want to miss it. The DVD is available at this years event and will be free to anyone who donates, buys an item, or sponsors an animal (aka spends) $150.00. It will also be for sale for $15.00. If you are not coming to the event but would still like to buy one you can email me: and I will mail you one. You can either pay on paypal (and specify its for a DVD) or you can mail SAINTS a cheque.