Rescue Journal

aurora has died

Carol  ·  Sep. 5, 2009

she passed away during the night. she looked comfortable and not stressed and i am glad i moved her out of the chicken pen before they started pecking on her.

just helga and jerome left of our very original chickens, they have been with us for almost 5 years now so they too are getting old.

aurora was my favorite of the three but only because selfishly, i could pick her up and cuddle. the other two are not all that interested in being carried around.

rest in peace aurora, you were a beautiful and lovely girl.



Awwwww, Thanks Nicole. I'm sorry Carol but the calm ,well behaved never come to me looking for homes...go figure.


hey now, your beloved clyde came from there, as twisted as they come rae sends us great ones.


nicole!!! don't tell rae how to find me..she has another twisted one for us. rae is a magnet for the messed up little monsters.


Aurora was a lucky chicken to be loved and to be missed. Rest in peace little one.

Chris T

Sorry for your loss. I know how the chickens have affected you and how much you care about them. Take care.