Rescue Journal

ok...that bloody computer is going back to london drugs.

Carol  ·  Sep. 8, 2009

angelina brought the lap top over to the house for me and hooked it up and she hooked it up to my keyboard and mouse so i am not trying to read blurry grey lettering on white stress level is already decreasing.

grammy has a sore leg..the vets are coming today.

cole still has loose stools.

the baby geese are baby ducks but they must be hormone fed birds cuz they are now bigger than floyd. floyd just was not giving them any breaks, i think they are both males so i separated the big ducks on one side, grown up ducks and chickens on the other. now i just have to get those babies to go into their duck house at night and all is well (i took away the crate that they like to sleep in)

if they are commercial meat and hormone fed, they will not live for long, esp. at the rate they are growing, their hearts will give out on them if they don't slow down soon. peace and quiet finally have some peace and quiet in their lives. who'd have thought sweet floyd would be such a territorial beast.

i have to go into maple ridge to pick up some meds for max...he is out of his fortekor. and then i will drop off my computer which they better fix!
but, i am back on line and able to post again so at least that is good enough for now.



Hey Carol. I'm a computer geek and would be happy to take a look at your computer. From reading this blog, I have no idea what the problem is, and whether the computer is being fixed under warranty. If you are paying money for someone to fix it, let me know and I'll come out soon and have a look (for free, of course!)