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Carol  ·  Sep. 10, 2009

apollo is still quite was an addisonian crises brought on by too high of a dose of his cushings med. no one is sure of the right dose because cats just do not get this disease, his blood sugar tonight was down to 20 and if he makes it thru and does come home, we will start his cushings dose at every 3 days and check his blood work every 10 days til he is stabilized. (he was on daily meds with blood work due in 2 weeks(today)
poor, poor apollo...he just has had such a crappy year of trying to get well. he is such a great and very nice cat.

milly is home from the vet...she is slightly cleaner (they gave her another bath)...her plan of care was a steriod injection for her horrid skin issues, a convenia injection for her infection and then back in a couple of weeks for a recheck to see if she is well enough for a dental. and then we will retest her for FeLV in a couple of months...until then, she has a nice condo with a window in the medical room. nice cat, the clinic is really fond of her.

champ went in for his check up..he is now on pain meds and antibiotics and surolan. he gave enough blood for a CBC but not enough for a full panel (he was being uncooperative)...his plan of care is back to the clinic in a couple of weeks for a re-check and a mass removal from his back leg and the rest of his blood work while he is under anaesthetic.

felix went back in today too...we saw a locum last week and i just did not feel we had a plan of care for him so i took him in to see dave. he is now on foretkor for congestive heart failure, antibiotics for his bad teeth and pain meds for his deformed spine. he goes back in 2 weeks for a re-check and if we decide to do the dental, we will do his neuter at the same time.

i am hoping that both of these dogs stop leaking large amounts of urine while they sleep with the antibiotics on board...hope floats til it sinks (in a puddle of old dog urine)

the grumpy shitz head goes in for surgery tomorrow..i can pick him up and pay AC vet in chilliwack at 4:30 tomorrow.

and the best for last...

saints welcomes Rosebud...this is the wrecked old rotti cross with the very weak back end from mission AC.
she is shy, hesitant, a little bit afraid but good lord, she is utterly sweet. i already love rose, she is a very lovely girl....she goes into the vet tomorrow.



Prayers and good wishes for everyone. Welcome Rosebud (I have a soft spot for Rotti's).