Rescue Journal

a little bit of saints history today

Carol  ·  Sep. 11, 2009

a brother and sister stopped by today with their neice. they were in mission for a family reunion. they grew up on the saints site back in the 6o's. their family was burnt out of the prairies, three of their brothers were killed in the fire. their parents came here with nothing and bought the original 5 acres of forested land that held nothing except an old log cabin and a garage. their father was a carpenter and he set to building his family a home with the very little they had.....the main part of our house is that very first garage.

the man especially, was so happy to be here and walking down memory lane. he showed me where as children they used to walk across the fallen timber like they were bridges and where the outhouse and their play fort was. sounds like they have a lot of happy memories here. their parents are now passed away..i hope if they are looking down on this special place, they are happy with what they see happening on this land...i think their kids are, so that is a good thing for today.

jenn and i picked up the flowers for the center pieces and then went to vancouver to pick up the programs and the table topper photos...each table hosted by an animal, has their tale and the photo's to bring them to "real" tomorrow night. the photo's are great! thank you grand and toy for your generosity and expertise with these!

i had a hard time in downtown vancouver...for all some folks think we have too many animals living here...i have to tell you, vancouver has way too many people...give me the crowd around here any least i can breathe. i believe jenn called me something resembling "a hypochondriac big city freak."

the shitz was not awake enough after his surgery for pick up today...i will have to go to chilliwack early tomorrow morning.

rosebud had her vet appointment...she had bloodwork and a good exam. the vet thinks she has been repeatedly booted in the belly. she hits the floor, prostrate with fear if you even touch lightly under there. sadly, i have to say that rose does present like a beaten dog. we don't get many, just a few here and there. mostly our guys are just ignored and neglected but with rosebud, it looks like maybe it was even worse for her than that.

the good news is...she wants to be she is smiling as long as i leave her belly alone. she had her first trip to macdonalds...she really liked that!



Well then I can add too, Carol, that you can anytime stop by and see Jack if you are in Vancouver. I know we were in Mission few weeks ago but I am sure Jack will be happy to see you again sooner...and you are right: the traffic in Vancouver is crazy.


no i am not ready for him rae but i will get ready darn quick when i see what the heck his problem is....i am hoping it is just fear aggression, that i can deal with.
have a safe journey and we will see you early on sunday!


you ask jenn...i was not staying in vanc one secomd longer than i had to..i swear i thought i couldn't breathe when there was all of that bunper to bumper traffic on the number wasn't til we hit maple ridge that i felt normal again.
how can you stand all of that busy-ness around was driving me nutz.


Yes Carol, after visiting Nicole you could have stopped by mine to visit with Nudge and Jenny Two (and Toad). I would have been more than happy to make you some tea and show you my incision from my 2nd surgery this summer!! See you at the Silent Auction.


haha rae, i was yelling at Carol for coming all the way into vancouver from Mission and not stopping by my house to see Shrek, Fiona, Carley and Codi.


No,no,I'm coming on Sunday to Saints I haven't been there yet. I'm bringing new incoming,but because I have to work on Saturday I can't come to the Fundraiser. You're right I wouldn't come to Vancouver without coming to Saints. Can't wait !!!!!


i cannot believe you were in vancouver and you didn't stop by to see all our saints.


Reminder Carol. We will be there just before noon on Sunday....are you ready :) Evil smile. I'm bringing the Revolution that I promised you a long time ago. Can't wait to see you all. Wish I didn't have to work tomorrow or I would've come for the Silent Auction :(


That is so sad. Welcome Rosebud. May all your days be happy and no one touch your belly.


thank god she is at saints we can all help her to be happy and hopefully maybe find a new forever home. i wanted to say i hope those bastards burn in hell but i cannot can i?