Rescue Journal

so many kind people, so many good wishes for the work we do...

Carol  ·  Sep. 12, 2009

it was a great night filled with great moments. the best was kathy's husband adding $500 to the top bid for cole's sponsorship...cole alone made $1000 tonight towards the vet bills...cole is at the heart of was a special moment when he became the star of the night.
tammy out bid everyone for phoebes sponsorship...what was over $400? geez phebes not only does she try to minimize the things i say about you, but she plays with you all the time, AND she buys your sponsorship so you can know, just how much she loves you...lucky girl.

saints sadly marks the passing of este today. she went suddenly into a respiratory crises from which she could not return. este was one of the real lucky saints, she got to end her days with dawns family, happily eating bras and underwear. she came from aplace of loneliness and darkness and she finished her life full of light and love. thank you again dawn for loving her, and cruz and true....that is the best gift of them all.

saints welcomes archie...the little biting shitz. he is feeling much better so he is not biting anymore. he came home from the vets with 5 different meds which seem to be doing the trick for him. i think he is a nice little dog and i am glad to welcome him here.

apollo is still at the vets, doing better but not out of the woods yet. i hope by monday that he can come home..i think he would like that very much.

everyone was good when i got home tonight, they survived us all abandoning them for the evening. tomorrow saints will be at both the surrey and chilliwack spca paws for a cause events so maybe we will see some of you there.

thank you again for all of the hard work that went into the fundraiser guys did a very great was a special night.

saints toddles on for a little while longer, we can continue to help the ones we can. i am sitting here thinking...god carol, you are so freaking lucky to have the kind of support and caring surrounding the animals of saints...there is no way we could do what we do if we didn't have the best of people helping in all of the ways that they do.

tonight i will tell you that rescue is truly many kind people, so many caring many gifts given for one reason help senior animals have a good end of life.

rest in peace were quite an amazing dog.



i was very saddened to learn of estes passing. she had a very special place in my heart and i am so glad that she ended her life with dawn. i will miss her funny little ways and her adorable face. be haply este.

Chris T

Sounds fabulous. Sadly we were stuck in hell and could not make it...


What a fantastic fundraiser! So many animal lovers who opened up their hearts & their wallets for the crippled crew of Saints. Thanks soooo much to the fundraiser committee who put together a tremendous evening. Jen what an amazing made me laugh, cry and laugh again! I think you have found a yearly job. For anyone who wants to capture what Saints is about, I highly suggest purchasing this special video.


Sweet Este. Este began to find herself when she came to Saints. She discoverd what she had longed for...people who care, love and lots of fun. Etse was like a puppy again. Though at a busy shelter it wassn't all about her like she so wanted. Este's dream came true whan Dawn and her family opened up their hearts and home to her. Bless you for making her smile and letting her know she was special!


Also, prayers for Apolly to make a full recovery. Would love to hear of him coming home.


So sorry to hear of Este's passing. Thank you Dawn for giving Este a wonderful home. May God bless Este, Dawn, SAINTS, and everyone else who holds them close to their heart.

So glad to hear about the fundraiser. It sounds like it was absolutely fantastic. Did anyone get any video of the event?

Welcome Archie. Glad you are feeling better already. Heaven on Earth does exist and you are lucky enough to have landed there. ENJOY!