Rescue Journal

i was sooo lazy today

Carol  ·  Sep. 13, 2009

no energy and fighting a headache all day..jenn came out and put some of the fundraiser stuff away, took me out for lunch and then we both had a nap on my bed with the bed buddies.

the last of the new dogs i committed to are in...saints welcomes tia and crosby. tia was a handful for a rescuerer friend of mine but she fits in fine around here. lots more going on to keep a going concern busy.

crosby..what to say about crosby? when rae picked him up today at 6am..his family was afraid to put his leash on him. his last family were afraid of him too. i told all of the volunteers, don't try to pet him, just let him come to you.

here we are a few hours later..that dog quickly discovered my bed. he has been up and down with all of the dogs. he has flopped his butt happily onto the bed and barely missed my face. i have gotten many kisses and when we got home from lunch, guess who went crazy with joy jumping up on me for a hello with everyone else?..the new sketchy guy.

so maybe i am missing something..maybe he is a twisted bugger who should have been nuked. maybe his real sketchy self is in hiding and waiting to pop out and bite me as soon as i am not looking...i have to say i doubt it. i think he is maybe just a really nice and really good dog who did not know this about himself for some reason.

maybe he figured it out already just by watching the other dogs be themselves.

anyway...screw the whole crosby name thing. crosby does not exist anymore, his previous life was toxic for him. i welcome Puff the Magic Dragon Daddy (aka Puff Daddy)...i think he is the real dog that for some reason no one ever knew.

hey puff daddy, wanna watch a movie later?



I note that the fall Shelter Challenge has started effective today. We need to get our votes in! Click on 'Vote Today' at;jsessionid=BBA6E5C2EBF2DD28C5B67924C28B1684.ctgProd01.


when Renee and I got to SAINTS after the spca event, Puff was very happy to see us and greeted us like he has known us his whole life.


I love the name, suits him to a tee, he is very puffy.Hmmmm perhaps he has found the place and the person he needs to help him realize that he is agood dog. He did growl at me in the car this morning but nothing after that. Hopefully it's not the honeymoon period and the demon dog will surface when he feels really comfortable.
Carol I watched the first part of the CD and it is amazing. The pictures, the videos and the music give such an accurate picture of Saints. Your daughter Jenn did a fabulous job. I'm saving the second half for tomorrow. Thank you for taking time out this morning to visit with me. I had a wonderful time. It was great to see you all and the animals. As always you are amazing.
Thank you for providing Puff with a soft place to land Carol. I'll look forward to reading about his progress on your Blog. It was a great day :)


we already have a mia, so i just changed it to tia...the whole daphne 1 and 2 is confusing, did not want any more confusion if we don't have to.


Oops I thought you said that new little daxi's name was "mia" and that was what I have been calling her all day. Oh well. TIA is a sweet thing too and and was laying on me as I snoozed. I am also feeling very lazy today and I could not fall asleep until 4am last night .. I was too wired and excited about last night. What a great evening last night was ... but a lot of freakin work to do! Well worth though.

As my mom always says, the work at SAINTS is never done ... and so very soon we will begin organizing next years' event ...