Rescue Journal

the petfinder fall shelter challenge has apparently started again

Carol  ·  Sep. 14, 2009

so much stress....nicole...we need the easy button voting thing back on the blog.

here is what i have decided about puff daddy...A..he is freaking adorable. and B i think he is taking his cues from the other dogs...they are happy, therefore he should be happy too!

makes my life easier..thx puff daddy for being a happy sponge.

we are out of hay..ratz..i forgot to call yesterday. it is not a total disaster..there is still some of gideons special orchard grass..oh yay, they are going to all enjoy their breakfast this morning.

max has the weirdest bark...he sounds like a tinker toy.

i hear everything went well at the pause for a cause event...someone did tell renee and angelina that they thought all incontinent dogs should be put down.....ouch, good thing our dogs live here. altho...if i could pretend to believe the same, this particular senior dog rescue would not be so full.

bye cole, bye molly, bye buddy and sissy, doris, felix, archie, max, nina, caspar, donnie, dusty, cleo, angel, rosie, daphne 1 and 2...oh and see ya later 4lane too,...hey that means i am still stuck with phoebe and reggie...not fair!!!!

to each his own..but i am glad that person is not running this rescue.

welllll....guess i better find something constructive to phone the hay guy and fix the washer cuz apparently it is leaking a lot too.



There are idiots everywhere. Hopefully this one develops an enlarged prostate and needs to start wearing Depends very soon.


Does that person think all incontinent people should be put down too? Heaven forbid that one ever have that issue. People like that miss the glimmer we see in their eyes when we accept that they have issues. I have an old girl that has no teeth, one eye, and has accidents on my bed once in a while. So I keep a spare set of sheets and a spare waterproof matress pad ready to be changed in an instant. Life happens, Some of us just have compassion.

I am glad you are running SAINTS too Carol... you have a huge heart.