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for every day, today is do whatever you want to do today.

Carol  ·  Sep. 17, 2009

i want to just stand near to spritely and fill up my eyes forever with her.

that's not going to happen because not only do i have a bunch of stuff i have to do....but i am sure me peering at her constantly would make her nervous and disrupt her peace in today.

oh well, she will fill up my chest today and i will take her with me while i take care of stuff.

first on my agenda is a quick trip into maple ridge. i feel disgustingly dirty and need a hot bath. i don't dare stress the well out yet with using that precious water, so off to my family home to use some of their endless supply.

then a tour for prospective new volunteers of saints. and finally lunch with sheila for the handover of the funds raised at the fundraiser night. the net, clear total was $17,500...great job guys!!!! that will clear the current vet bills, pay 4 weeks wages and pay for the just stocked up barn feeds to cover the next 2 months.

there is another fundraiser happening in mid october hosted by some new friends of ours, but i don't think it is on the events page yet but keep checking cuz it should be up there soon. and laura and lana are planning another bake sale at the end of next month (so everyone start baking!)...we should be ok now til we get the christmas letter written and out and the holiday season donations come in. i hope.

ok...if i am going to have a nice long hot bath filled with spritely flitting thru my brain undisturbed..i better move.

today will be for her a beautiful day filled with warm sunshine, simple contentment and gentle peace (and when i get home, some extra apples too.)


Vi Morse

Hi Carol,
I write this with a heavy heart as I have sponsored Spritely for some time now and am really glad I did. She is a magnificent horse, so beautiful inside and out. Please give her a hug from me. May you rest in peace Spritely. You gave so many people so much joy. You will be missed as much as you are loved. Vi


im so sorry to hear about Spritely. She is very beautiful and will be sorely missed.


I don't know you guys. I've never been to SAINTS and will probably never be able to make the 3000 mile trip. But I want you to know my heart is breaking for you all.

God speed Sprightly. You as have many other SAINTS reached the heart of this reader over many miles.



Angelina and I gave Sprightly a whole bunch of apples today and hung out with her for a bit this afternoon, God she is beautiful. Also I gave her extra grain this morning:)


Since I found out about Spritely I've had a hard time focusing...she is constantly in my head & always in my heart. I've been going up the last few nights and soaking in her beauty...Saints will have a huge void. I'm so glad today is a blue sky sunshine day so she can really enjoy her home and all her friends. We all love you so much Spritely.


Spritely, everytime there is a beautful sunrise or sunset with copper hues in it, may everyone be reminded of your beautiful copper coat and have images of you running in the fields, tail and mane flying. May you run forever and know that you are loved.


My heart and thoughts go out to SAINTS today and tomorrow; sweet thoughts for such a beautiful horse and prayers of hope for everyone. Thank God for SAINTS. At the end of their earthly lives, every SAINT will have lived a life fulfilled in the last and best home they know.

While we think of SAINTS as a rescue, the animals I am sure think of it as heaven, for surely they have won the lottery! Such fun. Such unconditional love. Every want, wish, and desire granted.

I'm starting to think I want to be a SAINT, too.


We are doing a table for Saints at the Mission Celebration of Community this weekend at Heritage Park. I need all the Saints boards returned please. Also I'm hosting another Bake Sale Nov. 27 9:30-5:00 at Scotiabank Mission. So everyone start baking because once again Scotiabank will match funds. Last year we made $4000.00 lets go for $5000.00 this year!!


I had this problem too. Just make sure you enter a period after every letter: "s. a. i. n. t. s." That brings it up.

Peace and love to Spritely for a life well lived.


Hey, SAINTS guys:
Can you remind me how to find "SAINTS" among the shelters in the Shelter Challenge? If you just do "SAINTS" it doesn't find it. I sort of remember there's some hoop to jump through to have it find SAINTS. Can you remember?


I too will spend alot of time today thinking of Spritely... I had her on my brain all day yesterday & went through all the Photo Gallery photos to find every picture I could ( Nicole have I expressed to you how much I LOVE the photo Gallery & how photos on the blog... just aren't the same...) I also went thru the pictures on my computer & I am feeling so sad for her, us, the other farm guys exspecially Gideon... tomorrow is one of those days that I wish would not come.

I will bury my face in her mane & bring special treats and more than likely many tears... Crap here they are already... : - (