Rescue Journal

barn preoccupation.

Carol  ·  Sep. 17, 2009

i am tired..i have been carrying around this heavy load of dread of tomorrow.

barn bedtime was a worry...the horses had too many apples today. spritely was bloated and not eating her dinner and sparkles was not pooping, and for her that is a worry because she has chronic diarrhea. i gave everyone a good dose of quatrisol and then i took spritely back out of the barn and walked her around the field a few times, trying to get her bowels to move. lahanie was having an absolute screaming fit in the barn because spritely was not in there where she belonged. this does not bode well for tomorrow.

anyway..when i checked them at 9pm, both sparky and spritely had had a large poop. she had finished her dinner and started on her hay so i think they are ok but i will check them periodically thru out the night just in case.

just a note for everyone for future reference...barn animals should be remembered to have relatively strict dietary limits. their digestive tracts are delicate. the horses can colic and the ruminates like cows and sheep can have their gut flora all messed up, they both can get very sick from too much of a good thing... so when giving them treats, a little is safer than more.

just because we have a lot of apples, does not mean they should eat a lot of apples on a sunny afternoon.

emily just about broke my foot. she ground her full weight on me...i really have to stop doing the barn bedtime thing in open toe sandels. i quickly noticed that she is getting quite big.

heads up for anyone trying to call me tomorrow...firstly, my cell phone will be dead cuz i left the charger in maple ridge today and secondly, i won't really want to talk to anybody tomorrow anyway.

the vet will be here at 10 am. please hold spritely gently in your thoughts.



I'll be thinking of Spritely today and all of the people that care about her so much. Take care of yourself Carol.