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the shelter challenge

Carol  ·  Sep. 22, 2009

i want to thank everyone in advance for voting for us and for encouraging others to vote for us too. and i want to remind everyone...the rules are one person, one vote every day. that last thousand dollars covered quite a few vet bills so i would like us to win again since we just spent most of the fundraiser money (the vet bills for the last 10 weeks was a grand total of $14,000...ouch and we are working on building them up again...ouch again)

this week, spritely's euth and after death costs still need to be covered, champ goes in for his mass removal...bobbie brown is in having a painful abcessed tooth removed, boo is quite ill and dropping weight, the steriod and pain injections are not bringing her back up again so she is going in for assessment tomorrow and apollo goes in on friday for repeat blood sugar curves and repeat cushings level testing.

and i am sure there are a few others just waiting to let their health care issues start surfacing again.

but..i want to win this challenge by following the rules, not getting around person one vote. and just in case the "everyone else is voting more than once" thought pops every other shelter decides to try to win this challenge is not my concern.

i want to know we won or lost honestly.



I change the search to Canada and then it changes from states to provinces, put BC then I write in Mission and it drops down to a few different shelters in the area... choose to vote for S.A.I.N.T.S. Good Luck

Pat Jones

I,ve tried to Vote since it started and it,s not going through I,m putting the same thing as last time and it,s not taking it ?????? Sorry to hear about Spritely. Pat


I am voting every day. I also post the site every few days on my Facebook page.


I voted yesterday, I vote today and I will vote tomorrow and until is over and Saints will sorry for Spritely, Carol...