Rescue Journal


Carol  ·  Sep. 27, 2009

i did not sleep well last night...still awake after 1 am and up for work at 5...barf.

we are up to 11 dogs in the bed...prudence has discovered it and lucy is here visiting again for a few days. i do not like the kingsized bed as esthetically does not look as nice in the room as my old maple double...AND it is far less comfortable. sigh....whatz a person (with a bunch of needy dogs) to do?

i woke up last night to a very restricted and warm and heavy feeling inside my pajama top. i lifted the covers to have a look and i saw tia's upside down butt, feet and tail sticking out of my neckline. now there was a scary view.

it is no wonder i don't sleep well at night...i am continually being taken advantage of by burrowing, heat seeking, torpedo shaped daxi's....they really are both very cute (tia and daphne 2....the sneaky and slightly creepy, inside yer shirt, very sweet duo.)

we think lucas had some pain issues today...or maybe it is something else. but he is panting more than usual. i will give him an extra tramadol tonight.

bobbie brown is a tuna freak. felix liked the cassarole that laura made up for him. and edith would not eat her grain tonight, but i did see her eating some hay. i am watching you, little miss "i can't swim very well" librarian looking pygmy with the out to lunch and aging brain. all she needs is the little black hat and stiff shiny handbag..she already as the grey hair and the prim and stern little face. i will think on that while i sleep.




I'm glad you've been able to identify some of his issues, gives you a more acurate picture of his needs. I thought under all that fur he was a little chubber:)


leanne and mj had him up here yesterday, working with him in the school yard...since his shave job,,,he should be called puff fatty.
anway...issues thus far guarding. and as far as meeting new seems to be when folks come down on him from on high to say hello. he is ok if they sit down on the ground.

pretty sure that dog has chow in him somewhere...growly... walks like he is king of the world. it is like someone bred a chow and a shitz to get puff the mid-sized sheep dog.

this placement is just temporary for now...mj has small grand kids. but i think worth it even if it doesn't work out to see how he does in a regular not clueless dog family.
he definately has great potential to be a good dog.


Hey Carol have a good sleep, and do the top buttons up...maybe that'll stop the wiener dogs :) Any updates on Puff Daddy?


hope lucas is doing okay. i was worried about him today but his appetite sure has not stopped. was a good day at saints. had to turn around to let a certain cat out of my car that had decided to hitchike yes you guessed it frodo. could feel this warm furry body on my legs. maybe better keep the car windows shut from now on. hope everyone has a good week. oh by the way dawn i will be sending you some pics tomorrow. already sent them off but did not get the spelling right so they were rejected. am going to bed now will do it tomorrow.


Sleep tite and I hope the bed gang lets you get some sleep and some space.