Rescue Journal

bad bed buddies

Carol  ·  Sep. 30, 2009

i deal with the fact that i am held virtually immobile while i sleep...i get the whole quality of their life thing which happens to involve being plastered up against me while we sleep.

but it is when i wake up, that their badness really begins...for once in the whole entire 24 hours they share the same thought in their heads.

"don't move carol...ssshhhh, no don't wake up yet....look at us...we are so quiet, and sweet....and comfortable. don't get us started, don't make us all excited with a brand new day....just stay here...warm, silent, soft and immobile.... for alittle while longer."

they slowly stretch but just deeper into the bed and me. they softly burrow an inch further into the blanket and look at me with one sleepy eye each.....they send out the same mental message......"stay silly human, not yet....come back with us to sleep."


i wish could stay with them there all freaking day.



she is good...i had to re-book her vet appointment cuz i totally forgot the last one with marty's crises (different clinics) so she goes in on friday.
she has adjusted very well...she has learned the ropes of whining pathetically to get whatever it is you want from me. in her case it is..i want to be where you are and pick me up now please,and she has claimed the pillow my head is on as her personal bedtime couch.
very nice dog...i like her alot!


Carol I can so relate to the bed hogging thing. I sleep with a husband,a dog and two bed is full. Unfortunately the cats take great delight in waking me up several times so I can serve them various meals. it's a good thing I love them so much. I've been meaning to ask's Prudence doing?


not being a "morning person" myself my lab gets up with the hubby early then comes back to bed to wait for me to get up,once up she waits patiently for me to signal that it's time for our walk,at which time she is so excited she's really quite comical. it's a great start for my day, she never fails to make me smile.


So funny. It's the same routine every morning with my schnauzer. I actually feel guilty getting out of bed, knowing that I'm disturbing his slumber.