Rescue Journal

ok...before murder gets committed, or anyone has a freak out that leads to a heart attack...

Carol  ·  Oct. 2, 2009

there is a new, very large, beige spider...currently weaving her web over above the kitchen sink. that is quite the intricate has been a lot of work. her name is agatha...AND i have assured her that she and her beautiful web, are perfectly safe here.

my word is my bond so everyone leave agatha alone. she may be ugly, (in human terms) but she is in fact harmless. and we do not cause harm to innocent creatures simply because we think for some stupid and nonexistent reason, that ugly means scary...because the reality is...ugly is not.

honestly, phoebe is way scarier than a spider.

which reminds me...phoebe might be dying. maybe not, but the possiblity for a few more hours exists. that lump she has over her kidney from running into my car door a couple of years ago, suddenly, yesterday, blew up. it doubled in size over night. so we sent her into the vet...she thinks it is a lypoma but since it changed so quickly and is obviously bothering her. the vet is a bit worried. apparently there is a rare form of lypoma cancer so she sent off a sample for pathology. maybe it is an aggressive, non treatable kind?

so today i am not really ashamed to tell you, that i am cheerfully contemplating my mourning of phoebe's eventual death. yes i will be sad because i do love that little hag...but lets be honest here..with that great sadness will come a very quiet, very peaceful, non-irritating, giant black hole... (i imagine that won't be too hard to learn to live with.)

i will let you know the pathology results as soon as i know.



too funny - I thought I was the only one who lets spiders stay in the house - they eat flies, mosquito, noseemums, etc - tho it is time to relocate them to the barn - don't want 1000 of them in here when the egg sacs mature!!!


well tammy are you going to let carol get away with that or most lkely you have not read the blog yet. and i do not like spiders they freak me out. someone else will have to be the dishwasher for the time.


I don't know what the fly population is like in the house but if it's anything like the multi-purpose room Agatha won't be lacking for tasty morsels. Eat well and prosper Agatha.


I don't think Agatha will catch much prey above a sink. Won't she starve? Maybe she can be humanely relocated to the trees.

In my office, we have a humane spider relocator, which is a wand with a handle. When you squeeze the handle, a bunch of soft strands of rubber shoot out the end. You place these strands over the spider, let go of the handle, and the strands retract into the wand, with the spider enclosed of course. Then you find a new home, pull the handle, and out shoots the spider. From what I can see, it is perfectly harmless to the spider, and probably kind of fun.


Lori Paul

On behalf of all of us here at Spider Lodge, we would like to thank you for the kind and generous hospitality you are extending to our kindred Agatha, currently on sabbatical, whose whereabouts were unknown to us until your timely post! Please extend our warmest greetings to her and let her know that she left her burgundy sweater set in the dryer but we'll send it on upon receipt of a forwarding address. Many thanks and best wishes for a safe and sweet Hallowe'en season! Love from your countless admirers, now serving breakfast at the lodge :)