Rescue Journal

setting the record straight

Carol  ·  Oct. 3, 2009

apparently there have been some peripheral questions/rumours on why Turtle Gardens is no longer using our shop on their adoption trips to the lower mainland..are we fighting? are we mad at each other? what is going on?

stan, yvette and dave are probably cringing right now as i set the record straight...they are nicer and more polite than i am but i think if folks have questions they might as well hear the answers and it takes less time to say it once here than 20 times individually.

no we are not fighting, no there is nothing going on...TG needs to get their rescue work done and get their dogs down here to the south. they can't wait on us and what is happening here. first my family was coming up for my sons wedding, then watson took up the shop for a couple of months and now one of our staff and her dogs are living in the hideaway suite. i need someone on site here in case of emergency, esp. over the i slip on ice and fall and break something...been there, done that, it is a real reality for me.

people need to understand that not everything is a big secret or drama. TG has it's responsibilities, committments and operating needs...and so do we.

this is a sanctuary with 110 senior and special needs, multi-species, domestic animals.,..from 4 pound rabbits to 1000 pound cows...consider what that entails in terms of getting thru every day. saints first priority is meeting saints needs and getting our work done...TG's first priority is meeting TG's needs and getting their work done too. sometimes our paths walk together for awhile and sometimes we are off doing our own thing.

TG is always welcome to stay here..maybe it won't be in the hideaway suite...maybe it will be on a couch somewhere, we have plenty of those..but they don't have to stay here either if they decide to work out things differently.

it is not a big is whatever works out best for them or me...but it is not a huge dark ugly fighting is just each doing the business of rescue efficiently.

anyway... no point in making incorrect assumptions.... there are no problems between saints and TG....both of us are doing our own thing... we still like each other fine...this is just the current reality of rescuing for us right now...we are both freaking busy and so is the shop.



Once again you try to give Phoebe away. She just came through a very tramatizing medical situation. Poor thing was worried about the lump growth, she just didn't want you to see her worry so she put on a brave face and kept business as usual.
She's quite a trooper.

Yvette~Turtle Gardens

Thank you Carol for telling it like it is! Stan does a fine job of delivering dogs to their homes - he has his routes planned and has it all done by 9 am. A new direction that's all. We are both extremely busy with in trenches rescue. It is good to have someone who understand to talk to once in a while. Your couches are quite comfy and I sleep well with furry bodies keeping me company. See you next fundraiser!


oh yay...cuz everyone and their freaking dog wants her now...including my son and daughter in law (their place is too small for a dog right now). you are so lucky marie, you are the one getting the dog that everyone how about balancing her shining bright stardom with a wee bit of shadowy darkness...maybe, phoebe?????pluuueeese?

Francesca Wilson

Carole, Marie and i will be at SAINTS on Wednesday. After some cleaning the barns or whatever Marie can take Tia home - so just let us know what is required for paperwork.
We are very excited.