Rescue Journal

everyone was a bit squirrelly when i got home just after 10 pm last night...

Carol  ·  Oct. 4, 2009

i was out for my daughters family birthday dinner...thx laura for putting the barn guys to bed and colleen for pushing thru some of that mountain of laundry for me! it took some time to settle them down and clean up the welcome home treats (not.)

life around here incontinentally could honestly just stand at attention with your mop in one hand and paper towels in the other and literally get all the exercise you could possibly need for a full 24 hours. rose and max are horrid...nina and molly as always are pretty freaking busy...squirt is named squirt for a reason and cole, buddy and sissy just naturally decorate every single bed-like thing.

i truly hate first things in the mornings right is utterly disgustiing til i sit down with my morning tea.

if we did not have such close neighbors, i would get up on my day off at 5 am and shove the leaking bastards right out the door....but sadly, since open door with idiot old dogs rushing thru, means yelling their heads off til they get to their favorite squatting spot....that ain't gonna happen any time least not before 9 am on a weekend/neighbor possible sleep in day.

a few hundred acres on a dead end road sounds pretty good to me this morning..know anyone who wants to donate that to us?

maybe i should just sleep in til 9 am too...the dogs will keep themselves busy doing whatever it is that they have to do and hey whats a few more puddles and piles to greet me on my day off anyway?

i doubt i would even notice an extra few.

so yes...while today i am enjoying my last multiple day off, my mornings are still incontinentally unhappy because for some stupid reason i chose to rescue old incontinent dogs (except squirt..he is just a 6 yr old, housetraining moron.)



well they want the reality...early mornings and all. we could hire an actress to play you if you want haha. anybody got a camcorder we can borrow?


whatcha wanna video tape...early mornings are out..its all about that whole avoidence of crazy thing.


carol theres a tv show called extreme home makeover and i emailed them to see if i could nominate you (questioned because of us living in canada) and they didnt say no. so i can print out the app form, alls we need is a video camera and about an wanna?