Rescue Journal

trying to post a pic..hi rosie!

Carol  ·  Oct. 5, 2009




that's a load of crap (and more work for me), what if they don't know about the contest.
what if they are forgetful like you and need remembering?

i will remind them then:
VOTE people VOTE


and remind your friends and family!!

(i don't feel sleazy, you are weird)


re: number 5...i do not actively solicit feels like asking for money..makes me feel sleazy. folks will vote if they feel like it (or if they remember...i forgot so i will go vote now.)


hey! don't stress out my brain twice in one day..i am struggling thru learning something here!

champ is so cute..he has discovered the chaise lounge! now he has not only a nice office but a red faux suede chaise too (the bad news is..he leaks urine when laying down so he has to have stupid incontinent pads on his pretty chaise lounge.)


also you can post something about the shelter challenge as we have dropped a few more spots, not good!!!
there is also the love on a leash fundraiser on wednesday night in vancouver!

vote people vote!!!


the photos already have to be up on the internet so you can repost any that are on our website or the internet in generall, but not straight from your computer. if you want to start doing that i can show you how next time i'm out.


also, since you have time to fart around on the new blog, can i please have some bios emailed to me. dogs please. (angel, archie, casper, champ, daphne, donnie, daphne 2, doris, dusty, felix, jesse, joey, lucas, lucky, max, puff daddy, reggie, rosie - and i'd like atleast one-two decent lengthed paragraphs on each!!!) (i'm feeling demanding today!)


except i copied this one from the dog page but i couldn't copy one from my picture file on my computer..why is that?