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here is the trouble with trying to achieve a huge shift in a community's thinking.

Carol  ·  Oct. 7, 2009

first time around, whatever you try...may just not work.

take for example the recent battle to ban the use of the gas box to destroy feral cats in the cowichan valley. there were two primary groups and one peripheral group, all working towards the same goal. unfortunately, there were some conflicts amongst the groups...but hey..these things are a learning curve in more ways than one and practice makes perfect.

so round one lost...innocent cats will continue to die for now in the gas box in cowichan. this is truly sad (and barbaric). but how many rounds of battles can there be? as many as folks have the will and determination to fight.

this battle was lost, but maybe the next one will be easier. the citizens have been hearing the debates for and against, they now know an issue with very different points of view exists...they might not be ready to act yet, to take a firm stand. but they might be thinking. and getting them thinking and talking and sorting things out in their heads may one day lead to them making a different decision on how they want their community to act.

at some point, maybe sometime soon, council will have to take a step forward to meet up with the more progressive and enlightened thoughts in their community that this issue has helped grow.

sometimes you cannot change things the first time around, but maybe you can on the second or third go.

good luck gas box fighters...keep up the advocasy and maybe soon the feral cats in cowichan will win a more compassionate way.



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sadly i know that coastal is gassing all cats..but here is what i am worried about..that the community will guys can't gas my sweet and tame cat, but it is ok to gas a wild one. it is not ok to gas any of them..not even the ferals.

the other thing is,,,frightened tame family pets can act and look feral in a if they keep gassing...even just the ferals..they will still kill someones pet that way.

they continue to gas for 3 reasons is cost and 2 and 3 is..they are afraid of upset cats and do not believe their lives (or ultimate deaths) mean very much to anyone anyway.
so far they are right...hopefully this will change.


Thank-you Carol for your post on the News Leader site tonight.

It's not only ferals that are gassed, all cats are gassed at Coastal Animal Services. The stray, the unwanted, the unadoptable. Coastal refuses to take them to the vet because they don't think it's humane because, simply put, the cats veins can blow and it causes excruciating pain as per Trevor Hughes, owner of Coastal. This was the exact same story I was told when I called the Nanaimo Animal Shelter, who since have stopped gassing, the shelter is owned by Dan Hughes, Trevors father.