Rescue Journal

two business type things

Carol  ·  Oct. 10, 2009

1. board of directors and whiskers for wishes committee meeting at saints on sunday oct 18th at 1pm.

2. apparently jeremiah's previous owner instead of following thru proper legal channels as i suggested is independently trolling thru board members and close associates of saints..please if he contacts you, do not engage in conversation with back to the lawyers and also document the call and let me know. i may ask the lawyers to address this if it continues.




booooo...i work sundays but i will try and see if i can switch things around to come.


I will be leaving an envelope there for you. Please remember to find it when you go on Monday.



sorry dawn i was out at saints today and will be out again in monday but tomorrow i am going out with my daughter and grandsons. glad you liked estes pics.


Just a reminder I will be out around noon to replace the switch on your fireplace.
Are you going to be at SAINTS tomorrow? I have something for you.& Thank you for all the pictures of Este, we really appreciated them.