Rescue Journal

muffin passed away today.

Carol  ·  Oct. 12, 2009

tammy called me at work this morning..muffin had been stroking again. by the time i made it home, she was paralysed but still aware. i called the vet and met her at the clinic, muffin had some sedation and slept thru the ending of her life.

rest in peace little muffin, you were a very sweet and gentle rabbit, thumper is really going to miss his little best friend.



I was always more comfortable around the other species, because I knew them better. The rabbits threw me off. I had NO idea how to interact with them. 3 days in, something clicked.

See ya later honey bun. You will be missed.


so sorry about muffin tammy i know how much you love your rabbits and how much it hurts when they pass. rest in peace little muffin. dawn i did not know where you left the eneplope for me so did not get it. will look again next week. hope lucky is okay after her fight with dusty it was totally my fault have fed them before together and all has been well but today was not. my apologies carol hope all had a good thanksgiving. max was super hungry today and so was rosie. that is a good thing had a good day at saints.