Rescue Journal

stonehenge has a perfect mystical circle of stones...

Carol  ·  Oct. 14, 2009

saints has a perfect mysterious circle of liquid pooh...who the heck has diarrhea now?..i bet it is nina, she is a circular pooper.

can't neck and shoulder are bugging me and i took too many things...2 robaxin muscle relaxants, 2 tylenol ones and a deep heat patch on my neck. the patch was just annoying and the tylenol one have caffine in them and oh yay i am wide awake with a pain in my neck.

oh well, at least i found the midnight pooh circle before it got smeared everywhere.

rosie's coat is starting to shine..does that mean she is not going to least not any time soon?

i am not quite sure how...but molly is sound asleep on her bed with a light bulb tucked under her ear...where did she get a light bulb and why is it in her ear?

i miss prudence...she is still at the vets and not on my pillow grossing me out while i sleep with her putrid breath.

she had 14 dental extractions today...i bet she got a good combo of drugs and is sound least i hope she is and not in pain, awake and thinking about my pillow too.

i think the trouble with the kingsized bed is because there are so many dogs on there have to lay diagonally to find a spot. i don't think humans are meant to sleep diagonally..i think perceptually, it messes around with your sleep patterns...we are meant to sleep straight up and down.

i am pretty damn sure that by 5 am when my alarm goes off for work...i am going to be in a very bad mood. i am going to be tired and i am going to be sore and i bet i find another circle or two of liquid but now smeared pooh.

those dogs better not start stretching, and burrowing and looking sleepy and comfortable in my god damn uncomfortably full, kingsized bed.

i want my old double bed back..i slept way better and it was easier to change the linens on, they didn't take up so much laundry room and it looked esthetically better in my room. (plus you had to lay straight up and down, you couldn't lay diagonally even if you wanted to.)

sigh...sleepless and inane at saints tonight, pondering pooh, light bulbs, pains in the neck and body positions in a bed i don't like....but the dogs sure do.



Hope your feeling better today Carol. I'm so sorry about Grammy. And THANK YOU for all you do for all the SAINTS. Bless you.