Rescue Journal

how not to get reggie to stop barking

Carol  ·  Oct. 16, 2009

louise (new staff person, say hello everyone)....said she has a quiet conversation with him and tells him it is ok and he can be quiet now.

colleen laughed and said...she tells him to shut the hell up (but then i saw her loving him up at the same time)

carol said..."ok you guys watch this...come here reggie...lay be dead." and reggie lays there and acts dead. as long as my hand is touching his side, he lays there (as soon as my hand comes off, he jumps up and starts barking again)

so here the thing...

louise's way does not work all that well...but hey, she made a nice and kind effort.

colleen's way does not work so well either but considering he has been screaming his head off in the room she was deep cleaning all day, i am surprized he was not found drowned in a bucket of bleach.

my way also is not that effective.... AND.... telling him to be dead is probably not all that nice...BUT...

my way is freaking funny.

i am liking reggie a lot more today.."come here dead, good dog, YAY!"



Oh! and welcome Louise! Your knowledge and softness is very much appreciated. :)


That was hilarious!!!! saying "be dead Reggie"...and he laying over almost on his back.

He's a good boy, he just has a LOT to say.