Rescue Journal

what a freaking gong show.

Carol  ·  Oct. 17, 2009

it is pissing down rain, thundering and lightening, all the animals, inside and out are going nutz. i shut the inside guys in and go outside to get the outside guys in and the gong show began.

there is garbage strewn everywhere...why the hell is there an open container of garbage outside the freaking barn door we think the barn animals will leave it alone? i am chasing rolling starbucks cans (i did not know it came in a can?) flying tim hortons coffee cups, slipping and sliding on slimey pieces of wet cardboard...all the while trying to avoid three freaked out horses, 2 insane cows, 3 worried sheep and a pissed off 800 pound pig.

fuck man.

ellie started banging on the doors then percy started bucking and broke into the i have a bezerking 1000 pound cow that i did manage to lock in a stall...followed closely behind by the pissed off 800 pound pig. i slam the door on lahanie's face, go get really mad at petunia who is taking her own freaking sweet good ole time, getting out of ellie's stall so ellie can have her dinner. ellie finally got into her stall but she knocked me around and stepped on my foot. impatient hag.

percy has in the mean time eaten every bit of gideons supper and now he is bucking and flying around the stall cuz he wants back out again.

joy is upset by the storm and by percy's sudden disappearence so next i see her flying around from front door to back, bellowing in utter terror.

oh yay just want i want to do...go back out there in the raging monsoon with three freaked out horses to get to the cow who just lost her mind. i did finally get joy up to the other barn and inside with a bucket of grain. i fed the goats their dinner and then went back to deal with percy and the horses.

percy i kicked out of the barn and into the shavings shed..he literally threw his whole body in there and started tossing shavings around with his head.

i let the horses in, made gidoen another dinner, fed the sheep, put out the hay, fed herman the new pot belly pig (welcome to saints sweetie) and then got percy back to the riding ring.

shit, carl is not in the barn...he is with the goats..oh well he will have to stay there because i am not going anywhere near those stupid and dangerous cows again tonight.

the guys in the house are sort of ok...there is some fresh blood on the floor and i am not sure whose it is. cole has to have another bath tonight, he has diarrhea again and i have not gone over to check the mp animals yet but i will in a minute when i am in a better mood.

sooooo...who gives a shit what happens to these morons if they actually kill me one night...i have to say that at this particular moment..i certainly don't care all that much.


Chris T

Carol that sounds freakin scary. Is there anyway you can get someone to put the barn guys to bed with you? It sounds like it was a really dangerous situation for you to be in.