Rescue Journal

dear prudence...

Carol  ·  Oct. 18, 2009

won't you be quiet today?
dear prudence,
think in a peaceful way.

the sky is blue,
the grass is green
and i can hear
how loud you scream.

dear prudence
will you please shut up today?

dear prudence,
can i just walk away?
dear prudence,
its only for a moment i say.

the sky is blue
the grass is green
i swear to god
i'm going to scream

dear prudence
won't you stop all your noise for today.

see...this is what happens when one turns off one's brain with a hot chocolate and baileys.



when i was walking champ in the schoolyard i swear you would think someone was being tortured. she has the loudest nonstop bark that really is quite irritating. but she is so damned cute.


Thanks to John Lennon and a glass of wine - I am singing right along with you!


she sleeps on my pillow wrapped around my head. she could love me a little bit less.
(ko suggested i walk around in a hoodie, hat and sun glasses so prudence doesn't know it is me wandering around beyond her reach)