Rescue Journal

i want to thank everyone who came to the meeting today

Carol  ·  Oct. 18, 2009

and for your input and helping to take some of the stressors off me...truly appreciated...i really am beginning to suffer from mental brain needs a bit of a break from thinking and figuring and worrying.

czar has arrived and he is absolutely lovely in every way. he and gideon are good friends already.. he and sparkles shared a couple of quiet, friendly moments and he is staying away from lahanie. i said to lahanie..."you think it is good that they are afraid of you and move out of your think it means you are really means they don't like you and who is going to scratch your back and whithers now that spritely is gone?

lahanie should think about that.

anyway...czar is facinated by the other species...he spent some time getting to know pete and he caught the smoky, musky whiff of carl and then followed him around in circles for a few minutes relentlessy, trying to figure him out.

herman is doing ok, he is eating and quite happy with his new house....maybe a little too happy cuz he still does not want to come out of his door. mo was singing to him today and he was wagging his tail and standing in his little house door way..but that is as far as he has gotten...maybe tomorrow he will venture out (or i might have to go in there and make him.)

we came up with a new barn sleeping plan on who is going to go where. i said i would start it tonight but i changed my mind cuz we should only do one change at a time. todays change was the addition of czar, when he is all settled we will move to the next change.
best not to change too many things at once or the barn guys will get all upset and confused.

rosie is having eye trouble, i will call to get her in as quick as we can. it looks like glaucoma but it also could be a tumour in behind her eye socket...whatever, she suddenly has pressure in that eye.
ok..i am tired i think i will shut off my brain for now, plus i still have to give doris her bath..



sorry karen...we suck. i will try to send some bio's to nicole tonight.


Please, oh please, tell me when the animals' pictures and info will be posted on the website. I'm trying to be patient but it's very very hard.